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Share your space – Leeann Pearce


Well Hello, Today I get to share my creative space with you all. I think you will be pleasantly surprised that it’s actually just a small spot.  But I can inform you that my last crafting room was not. It was huge, I actually had an amazing space back in Western Australia. You see we build our dream home back in 2010 and I build that dream scrap room to go with it. But things happen in life and you change your dreams for another dream! We sold the farm and moved state. This was a big move. So we packed the caravan  and the kids up and headed on out and travel around Australia for  6mths. We had nothing to lose, we had time on our side and places to explore.  Anyway once we reach our new state (Victoria) we looked around for houses. And we found one. Now I didn’t care if there was not a room for me and my paper and glue.  I was happy just to fold out a table somewhere. And so here it is my spot were I create my magic and feel inspire!

I actually love this spot. I share this space with all the kids too.  My plan is to fill the main wall with creative pieces of art. Its a little random and quirky.

“My creative space”

space leeann 11

Here’s some canvas art I created… this makes me happy!

space leeann 4

space leeann 3

And the family computer sits  perfectly on holly’s desk that doesn’t fit in her room.  Iv’e added a few of my crafty supplies and art works. I have a mini fish bowl that is filled with washi tape and all that twine… love! Hmmmm seems the kids love it too! Glass jars are great as I can view them instantly… I  always buy my jars from the op shop for only a few dollars.

space leeann 5

I have lots of my embellishments stored in odd glass bowls and the plastic tackle box’s. I do sort my embellishments so I  know what I have. I love that feeling when I completely clean something out too. I get to refill with an embellishment thats been hiding for some time!

space leeann 10

These are my handmade clay pots.  Made from air drying clay.  I recently painted the insides… I think they are cute!

space leeann 8

I’ve had this muffin tin for like ever… it was rusty years ago. I gave it a light sand and spray painted it black. It’s been the best storage item for like ever.

space leeann 9

I love this trolley it’s from ikea and I know thousands that have them. Yep totally rocks. Anyway I have all sorts of alphas and stickers in the top, scrap card and paper in the middle and punches at the bottom.

space leeann 6

I do have some paper racks which I love and they totally organized my stash of pattern papers. I really need to get stuck into them!

space leeann 7

I have lots of little containers that have bits and bobs in stored all around the house too even the shed!

Space leeann 1

Hope you enjoyed seeing where I create my magic.

 Thank you for popping by …  I cant wait to get stuck into my February  Clique kit… it’s here on my table!


8 thoughts on “Share your space – Leeann Pearce

  1. I love your little space. Especially, your art work and that “no parking anytime” sign. And congrats on the cover publications! hehe

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  2. What an awesome space! I love your wall inspiration pieces and how you store things in glass jars so they are not only easy to see but a decoration. GREAT space!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing inside your space!

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  4. Beautiful creative space. I love your wall of inspiration.

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  5. I love your space so much, and I love that you have your art displayed! You are one talented lady!

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  6. same her girlie. mine is 1/4 of our bedroom lol! thanks for sharing your space, i love the little details esp the storage ideas. I always look for one that would work for me. love the handmade pots! i think i’d make something like that in the future hehe


  7. your space is awesome! and you are SO TALENTED – your artwork is amazing!


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