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Geek Lab: 5 Reasons why I love my Fuji Instax Mini 8



Hello there!  Caroli here once again to show you the last post of the month using the gorgeous January kit Alegria.

Today I want to tell you some of the reasons why I love instant cameras, more specifically the Fuji Instax Mini 8.  Last year I bought one as a self present for my birthday and I can certainly tell that this is one of the best gadgets I’ve got so far. Do you want to know why, well, here I go!



1. I love it because I get the pic inmediately.
For an scrapbooker this is real gold! Sometimes I am in a hurry for a project or maybe I really don’t feel like spending so much time taking a pic with my reflex camera, downloading it to the computer, editing it and finally printing it. In that situation the Instax Mini is my best option, you just grab it, make click and the pic is printed and ready to be used, priceless!

2. I love it because of the beautiful vintage feeling of the pics.
The pics get printed in a cute credit card size, with enough space for writing someting below if you want to, not to mention that the colors have that vintage look, love love love!


3. I love it because of the excitement for unknown results.
I still remember the excitement of shooting analogous photography. The uncertainty of not knowing if your pic would come out as you thought and the happiness when the pic came out even better than you though.  At least for me this is one more reason to love my Instax 😉


4. I love it because it’s oh so cute!
In addition to shoot great pics, the Instax Mini 8 is such a cute device! I have a white one but it comes in several colors,  you can even buy a pretty bag for it, adding more cuteness if that is possible.


5. I love it because I can store the pics in even cuter ring albums
You can use the pics on your layouts, mini albums, or even can store them in tiny ring albums created specially for them!  I got these albums some months ago from the Clique Kits Store, in gold color, the perfect combo ever 🙂


Well, now that you know why I love this camera and its format I want to share this layout I made using some pics I took with my Fuiji Instax 8.







I hope you like this post, and if you are considering getting a Fuji Instax I really recomend you to do it so, they are a really useful tool for scrapbooking.  Have a lovely day! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Geek Lab: 5 Reasons why I love my Fuji Instax Mini 8

  1. great layout 🙂


  2. I love the cute photos you get from your camera! Great layout!!


  3. I so love my instax too… i really need to use it more but! loved your page!


  4. ADORABLE layout! i love my instax, too…like leeann, i need to use mine more 🙂


  5. I didn’t know you knit!! I LOVE how the hat matches that cute little outfit. You make me want to knit something …. it’s been a long time since I knit.


  6. Oh wow this is an awesome layout and post !!!


  7. dying to get a polaroid camera!


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