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Geek Lab: Celebrate Everyday



Hello everyone! Donna here to share another layout using the fun January kit Alegria featuring Fancy Pants Designs Happy Place.


But first, let me share a little bit of photo editing. I am using an old version of Adobe Photoshop (CS3) but I am pretty sure you can do the same steps in higher (or even much lower) versions of PS.

Every January, our family and friends gather for a little thanksgiving celebration. And I look forward to it because that’s when hubby and I started having our family photo with our daughter. This year is the second one. I have another layout using the photo from last year that I will be posting on my blog.

This is the photo I used. Notice the little green and white specs on hubby’s face and shirt? That’s what I edited out. There were strobe lights in the party that’s why there were green little specks on our faces etc.


Open your photo and duplicate. Then click the healing brush tool option. You will have to choose the brush size depending on the size of what you want to clear or edit out. The white specks on hubby’s shirt were little bit small so I chose a small round brush tip (solid, 100% opacity). While holding the Alt key (Windows), choose an area you want to “Copy” onto the little white specks. Then click on the specks.



Next was the green speck on hubby’s face. Click the healing brush tool option again and select “Patch Tool” this time. You will encircle the area you want to fix. Then move your cursor to the area where it’s clear and drag it to the area to be fixed. Make sure the area you are copying from has the same color or texture to the area you are fixing.


I also fixed the black circles under my eyes and the greenish spot on DD’s forehead. Duplicate the photo again. Let’s do my eyes first. Using the Patch Tool again, I circled around the area under my eyes where the dark circles were. Then I just dragged the cursor to my forehead where t’s clear and can be copied to the area I want to fix. Do one eye first then the next eye. Now, once the dark circles were covered, lower the opacity of the “duplicate copy” of the image. I did mine around 35%. This way, my face won’t look too Photoshopped lol! I just slighly lighten the dark circles. Then I did DD’s forehead next using the Patch Tool as well but didn’t lower the opacity anymore.


And here is the photo on the layout I made


some close up shotsDonnaEspiritu-CKAlegria-layout04a


That’s all from me today! I hope you liked my page and the simple tutorial I shared.

Thanks for dropping by!
Happy crafting,





8 thoughts on “Geek Lab: Celebrate Everyday

  1. Gorgeous layout and great tutorial! 🙂


  2. Awesome layout and tutorial!


  3. So gorgeous!:)


  4. Gorgeous! Love the cut file frame!


  5. Love it! Great tutorial.


  6. thank you! 🙂


  7. such a beautiful, beautiful layout! you do layers so well!!!


  8. Beautiful layout Donna!!!


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