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Yearbook – Remember…



Hello, its Leeann here with you today. I am so happy with this page and the little memory notes I jotted down. It wasn’t that long ago that we sold this farm and moved state. I have so many photos to scrap and memories to record. The yearbook is all about documenting and preserving those memories. And here’s a great way to do this, why not print your photos mini and group them on your page.

I’m using the January Alegria kit, featuring Fancy Pants – Happy Place collection.

I was inspired by the mini film strips in the Fancy Pants Ephemera Pack and the Clique Kits Journal Spots. Once I decided on my design.  I jumped straight in, as it was simple. I wanted each of the mini squares to have texture so I created layers using pattern papers from the Fancy Pants collection. I couldn’t help but fall in love with all those puffy stickers too, seriously how awesome are they! I jotted a few of the things we did, there’s way more of course!

“Beautiful happy life”

CK JAN Yearbook LP 001

Here’s a couple of detailed shots, showing you the layers. Once I have the layers sorted I then add my embellishments!

CK JAN Yearbook LP 002

and finally I like to use  my fingers to crinkle and lift each layer!

CK JAN Yearbook LP 003

Well I hope today has been of some inspiration  to you. If you have a few tiny photos maybe you would like to try this design and jot those memories down. Its quick and a lot of fun. I look forward in sharing more projects with you soon.



6 thoughts on “Yearbook – Remember…

  1. it’s amazing! ❤

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  2. What an awesome page. I love all the texture and different embelllishments you used on here!!!

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  3. wow! i love this! all the layers + that stitched circle = perfection!


  4. Love all your layers, photos, story, and of course, a circle!


  5. love the stitched circle and the little details. such a pretty layout! i really need to learn how to sew, but first i have to get myself a sewing machine lol!


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