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I almost called my lovely bosses and said that this was not going to work. Nope, not a snowballs chance I would do it.


I signed up to show you my creative space way before I knew I would be moving from Oregon to Pennsylvania.   Before I knew I would be putting most of my creative gizmos and do-hickies  in boxes for storage. Before I knew I would be moving from having my own substantial creative room in a house to moving my entire family of 6 into a 3 room hotel for 4 months.  What this all boils down to, honestly, is I was a little embarrassed and to show you where I have been creating for the past 2 months.


And then I took a plane trip.


On the way to Denver from Cleveland, after beverage service I noticed a flight attendant sit down in her little jump seat with a plastic baggie and school pocket folder.   Scissors in hand and rifling through her pocket folder for just the right color paper to add to her work using some glue dots. She was creating something super special to her in just about the smallest space on the planet. She was scrapping a picture of her brand new granddaughter right on her lap. She was certainly not phased by the lack of space or surface to work on. It must have been challenging but she was determined to use her space and her time wisely to create a beautiful layout of a precious child.

I have since threw my ego out the window and decided it’s not the space that makes the layout. It’s the heart, and time and effort that goes into all of our creativeness that makes what we do special.

So here goes!!

Here it is! Sandwiched between the door to our bedroom and the fireplace is my humble workspace.  Using the coffee table the hotel has I placed my (L to R) printer, planners and pocket page storage.  Under which is (L to R) paper, current Clique Kit storage, more planner and sticker storage and rounding out with the chevron wire container of midori journaling supplies. Can I just tell you that behind all the bins on the floor is my typewriter, another Iris embellishment container, two paper trimmers,  and a self healing cutting mat. Almost every available space is being used to it’s capacity, trust me!

Flanking either end of my tall table are 2 Recollections storage spaces which have changed my small space organization completely.  I couldn’t live without all those drawers of organized planner and scrapping

Above my work table I have some frames which I’ve picked up at Goodwill and added my own and some special friends artwork to cheer up my space.  Pens at the ready, as well as paperclips and pictures to keep in mind for easy scrapping possibilities, adorn the tabletop.

Even though I haven’t found anything to place under the sets of drawers (yet), I certainly have used their tops holding my laptop and tablet, Cinch and bottled glue. Behind the T.V., which has my Minc and Cricut, is a great space for them to be out of the way but handy for me to plug in when needed.

I have learned to buy supplies judiciously these past almost 2 months.   I do miss my paints, fabrics and sewing machine most but those are just trivial things I can do without.  What I can’t live without is my beloved family and for me to be complaining about my personal space seems kinda silly in the grand scheme.  Although we may not necessarily choose these types of circumstances as ideal we CAN choose how we deal with them.  We close January 25th on our home here in Erie and I certainly look forward to the next adventure and blessed to have this adventure to share with you!




Author: krodesigns

As a full time stay at home mom of four sporty, smelly and sweet boys ranging in the ages of 4 to 16 - when not doing laundry - I’m a mixed media teaching artist with a passion for fiber art, planner, scrapbook and Project Life. I love making practical, everyday things beautiful as well as functional, and unbreakable.

8 thoughts on “Share Your Space

  1. Wow, you have made the most of your small space. Congratulations on your upcoming house closing!!!


  2. love this! congrats on the house, too!


  3. Thanks for sharing your story!!


  4. Awesome use of your temporary small space and you are so right… it matters most that you preserve the memories, not how big or organized your space may be. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I love your temporary space and how you made it work! Seriously admire what you did with what you had!


  6. I am impressed by this temporary space! Good luck on your move, and I love the story about the flight attendant!


  7. such a true story for all of us with small craft space 🙂 love the flight attendant story.
    thank you for sharing your space!


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