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Art Studio: LOVE



Hi everyone. I LOVE Amy Tangerine’s “Finder’s Keeper’s” collection. The patterns and colors are so HAPPY. I just love it. I’ve had this collection on my desk for a few weeks, waiting for the right photo to show up so I could scrap it with this gorgeous collection.

I had my sister snap this photo of the three of us on Thanksgiving. Initially, Edward was in a Minecrafts sweatshirt and pants, but mom bribed Edward with M&M’s if he’d change for the picture. She has been bribing him with M&M’s since he was old enough to eat. HAHA. How come bribes work from grandma, but not me?

If you love this collection as much as I do, feel free to visit the Clique Kit’s Shop. There are a few left for purchase. Click here. I am a sucker for die cuts and tags so naturally, I used several pieces on this layout. Once I was finished with the layout, I realized that I wanted a blue background, rather than a yellow so I changed it. Also, I wanted a different color thicker so I painted mine! I decided to keep the paint a little light so that it would show a little white for a distressed look.

love_nicole martel_amy tangerine_american crafts_Clique Kits




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10 thoughts on “Art Studio: LOVE

  1. Love the Finders Keepers supplies you used, great layout!😃


  2. This is so cute, I love the Finders Keepers collection, too!!


  3. it’s just amazing!!!


  4. I love all the colors with the black and white photo!


  5. This is beautiful! I love how you coloured the title word! Chocolate bribes work for everyone in my house!!


  6. Oh thats such a fun page and i love that you coloured that title…perfect!


  7. Love this collection, and I love the layering that you did here!


  8. LOVE your layout!


  9. such a cute layout – and what a great family photo!!


  10. love your layout, nicole!


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