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Finding Your Balance



Hi, everyone! It’s Aliza here, wishing all who are celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving!

I always feel a huge sigh of relief at Thanksgiving time. It comes after a long stretch without any breaks in our work schedule, and it means that the long winter vacation is coming up soon. The ability to slow down the pace of life for a few days does wonder for my spirit.

Speaking of slowing down, today I am sharing a layout about my need to slow things down in my life, and pare some of my responsibilities. In  the constant challenge of balancing  many roles, sometimes we lose our balance, and we need to get it back. (For the record, I have no desire to cut down on scrapbooking.)


adeutsch_dec15_finding balance

This is basically a layout all about me, and where I am at right now. What I like about it is that it includes some details about how I spend my days, and what I am trying to accomplish. Now that little bit of me is recorded for posterity.

May this, and all your holidays, leave you feeling fresh and replenished.


4 thoughts on “Finding Your Balance

  1. love its simplicity! Happy Thanksgiving for you! 🙂


  2. Love that you are documenting your every day life!!!


  3. I love this and i love that you embellishment the photo… perfect great recording too!


  4. Great layout! I love all the journaling!


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