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Art Studio || Using Acrylic Paint



Good morning, everyone!  Kat here today to show you how I use acrylic paint to create some of my backgrounds.  I love to paint on my backgrounds and a lot of times I use watercolors.  However, I don’t like that my paper ends up all wrinkly and hard to use.  I have found that acrylic paint doesn’t do that.

I put a bit of acrylic paint in a cup and water it down.  You don’t have to water it down – both effects look pretty cool depending on what style you’re going for.  I used a large paint brush to paint a random swatch of paint in the middle of my paper.  Your paper will wrinkle at first, but when it dries, it’s nice and flat (at least mine was!)

Here is the finished product:


Random side note: Doesn’t my splotch kind of look like Texas?  :o)


8 thoughts on “Art Studio || Using Acrylic Paint

  1. This is a gorgeous layout!! Love the paint!


  2. oh my, this background is gorgeous!!


  3. This is adorable!


  4. This is so beautiful! Thanks for the tip!


  5. Cute layout! I must try acrylic paints out on my layouts!


  6. Fabulous layout Kat! Love that painted background!


  7. Fabulous! One day I hope to brave enough to paint on my layouts.


  8. Simply pretty! Thanks for the tip!


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