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Locker Room – Embellishment Cluster



 Hello CK fans its Leeann and I’m excited to be here today to share one of my pages with you. Using the November Tapestry Clique kit. I have a massive love for embellishments they make me squeal, it’s like looking at yummy  candy, but you cant eat these ones.   Today’s post is about creating  layered mats  for your photos and journal cards and also embellishment clusters. This is something that I love doing and you will notice I layer/mat my photos alot. So lets take a wee peek at my page and then get started on the process.



Lets start with grabbing some photos and designing a four square. In this first pic,  you can see that I like to layer paper and create photo mats.  I do the same for ready to go journal cards.


 This next pic shows you that I like to add detail, with some machine stitching.


Once you are happy making all your layered mats for photos and journal cards adhere together.


Next we are creating a punched out mini circle grid for our embellishment cluster. Once you are happy with the  design glue the circles down.


And just a quick tip while I am here. Always look at the packaging, products come in such cute packaging these days that you can use them on your creations. Here you will notice I snipped the end of the flair packaging.


And I layered that piece under one of the photos, creating a tab.


As you can see in this detailed shot I filled each of the punch out circles with twine, flair, printables, tabs, tickets, butterflies, cork heart, paper arrow, buttons etc. See, I told you eye candy right there!


And in this detailed shot layers under and also on the top.  Be creative in your layers at the top by cutting them into shapes. That way you still can add your journaling.


I hope today was fun and has given you a fresh look on creating clusters of embellishment. Next time you have a handful of scrappy candy create a shape and embellish it! Thank you and I look forward in seeing you again!


24 thoughts on “Locker Room – Embellishment Cluster

  1. LOVE the way you divided up to journal card! Brilliant!

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  2. it’s amazing 🙂 love all the details!

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  3. I’ve been definitely doing it wrong-thank you for the tutorial-I’m actually gonna scrap in my studio this week so I can break out the sewing machine and try this!

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  4. What a cute layout. I am really looking forward to this kit!!

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  5. Love! Love! Love!! It’s all the funky details you do. The sewing, the shapes, it all matches perfectly and how cute are your girls!!!

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  6. really great layout, leanne! i love all that yellow and i love how you filled in the punched out circles – im going to have to steal that idea!

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  7. Just love the way you Used the punched circles to house the embellishments! LOVE!

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  8. I love all the ideas here! I truly left inspired! Thank you!!

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  9. Love the way you created the square! Especially with all those circles!

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  10. This is stunning. Love your design!!

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  11. So many ideas and so much inspiration! I just love everything about this Leann!

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  12. Love all the details. Beautiful page!


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