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Be your own paper designer !



Here is a little scrapbooking insider tidbit for you:) When a company, like Pinkfresh Studio, is designing a line of paper there will be repeated elements throughout the collection ( or they would just look like separate pieces of paper, right?!)  Designers will choose Color and Shapes as the two main ways to create a cohesive collection. So, when I have no idea of where to start because I’m in a creative funk, Those are the things that I look for and try to pull inspiration from:)


On these two pieces of ‘Happy Things’ paper, I admired the triangles. The way they were orientated, overlapping, transparent and dimensional.  So I thought I would recreate the paper in my own way with the pictures being the majority of the triangles.


I chose a picture with no faces or orientation so It would be easier to cut from and not worry about missing eyeballs.  Sky shots, floors, or other non portrait like pictures would work very well.


Then, I stitched and pasted the pictures, velum and other fussy cut triangles from the kit to create the ‘paper’ on which to have my full pictures on. I also stitched a few floating triangles as well to add some texture.


From there my creative juices started flowing and I was able to add the final touches with some alphas, height, wood veneer and watercolor splashes.


So my humble advice is not to fret when your stuck. Just be your own scrapbook paper designer and I’m sure that you will love the result.




Author: krodesigns

As a full time stay at home mom of four sporty, smelly and sweet boys ranging in the ages of 4 to 16 - when not doing laundry - I’m a mixed media teaching artist with a passion for fiber art, planner, scrapbook and Project Life. I love making practical, everyday things beautiful as well as functional, and unbreakable.

10 thoughts on “Be your own paper designer !

  1. I love all the layers and the different pretty!


  2. ha, fabulous idea!


  3. I love this!! Those triangle photos are awesome-great ideas Kim!


  4. I love this idea… and i love your page too!


  5. such a FUN layout!!!


  6. Amazing! Triangle photos–I never would have thought of it!


  7. I love this, and your ideas are so helpful for when the creative flow slows down (or disappears for a bit), which definitely happens to us all!


  8. I love the stitching here! I think I need to try this with my leftover acetate pieces! Great idea!


  9. I’m loving the stitch work here. Fabulous layout!


  10. wonderful page!


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