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Pocket Style Without the Pockets



I have always valued a pocket page for it’s simplicity of design and ease of use.  But what if you’re not into pocket pages or you just don’t want to feel constrained by those tiny plastic boxes!?

Oedekoven_Oct15_Permit-sion_fullScrapbooking in a way that is organized with fixed symmetry can be put together in no time!

The Pink Fresh Studio paper with the 3 x 3 squares is what got me on the right track for a grid design.  I printed out my pictures from Walgreens in a 3 photo collage format leaving the 3rd section blank in a regular 4×6 picture.  Without the 3rd collage picture, it creates some blank space below the pictures that could be used for journaling but in this case, I just used it for white space between the squares. Bonus – two pictures for the price of one!


A scrappers trick to adding some interest to simple design is HEIGHT!  Add some cardboard or foam stickies under each element.  The height gives it an illusion of being more complex than it really is 🙂


I did enjoy placing our Clique Kits Gold Confetti Sequins in sets of three in each row between the pictures – thought it added some sparkle and uniformity.  Since stitching is one of my first loves, I created a border with three different thread types and stitch length.  Then finished it off with journalling surrounding the whole layout.


Thank you guys for welcoming me so warmly to the Clique Kits Family!  Looking forward to a year of getting to know all of my new Family!

Author: krodesigns

As a full time stay at home mom of four sporty, smelly and sweet boys ranging in the ages of 4 to 16 - when not doing laundry - I’m a mixed media teaching artist with a passion for fiber art, planner, scrapbook and Project Life. I love making practical, everyday things beautiful as well as functional, and unbreakable.

6 thoughts on “Pocket Style Without the Pockets

  1. cute layout!!! i really love the stitched border!!

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  2. I love the stitching and all the dimension!!

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  3. love this layout!!

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  4. This is an awesome post and layout! Clear and concise, and what a gorgeous result!! Love it!

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  5. I love grid designs! Your wavy back border adds the perfect amount of whimsy to the symmetrical design!

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  6. LOVE how crisp this looks. Great layout!


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