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Geek Lab: Stuck on You – An Adhesive Primer


Hey Friends! Happy Weekend.  I’m here to share tips on one of the most basic, unseen but important tools in paper crafting — Adhesive!

A good, no great adhesive sticks the first time, allows your layout or card to be the star of the show and leaves no trace! Let’s take a look at some of the most common adhesives:

  • Roller Tape I love this style of adhesive for its ease of use simply by rolling.  Most  if not all adhesive tape rollers are refillable as well.  I usually use this type of adhesive to attach cards panels to bases.

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Adhesive_Hello_Card_Tyra Babington_1_edited-1

  • Foam tape: My go-to adhesive to pop out card layers and embellishments. Foam adhesive adds depth  and case be used to simulate movement.

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Adhesive_Sparkle_Card_Tyra Babington_1_edited-2

  • Liquid adhesive: This type of adhesive provides the flexibility I need to attached smaller pieces, like sequins, where regular adhesive is left looking exposed.

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Adhesive_Happy_Card_Tyra Babington_1_edited2So there you have it.  I hope you learned that there are a variety of adhesives available to paper crafters to achieve different effects.  The right type of adhesive can make your creation the star of the show! Thank so much for stopping by! xo, Tyra


5 thoughts on “Geek Lab: Stuck on You – An Adhesive Primer

  1. such cute cards, tyra! thanks for the adhesive advice, too!!


  2. Cute cards and great tips!!


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  4. Love your cards and thanks for the tips!


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