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Geek Lab: Let’s Tell Our Story




Hello It’s Tyra! do you ever find that you have several photos that really tell a story and your challenged as to how to use them? I’ve shared this tip before, but’s its worth sharing again — the magic awesome photo editor, Picmonkey.  Use this easy photo editor to create a collage of photos that tell a story.  Photo collages are also a perfect solution for layouts smaller than the traditional 12 x 12 inch layout. Size the collage to fix a scrapbook page of any size.  Here is I’m using a 6 x 8  inch format.  Take a look at my process below:

  1. Open your photo editors and follow the prompts to create a photo college. In this case, select a collection of photos from another open window. Drag and drop into the photo editor. Select a collage style. Again, drag and drop photos.

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Tyra Babington_Process_0

2. Print!

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Tyra Babington_Process_1

3. Trim your single photo to your desired size.

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Tyra Babington_Process_2

4. Mix, match, layer and embellishment your way to an awesome layout.

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Tyra Babington_1

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Tyra Babington_Process_3

Ck_September_Geek Lab_Tyra Babington_Process_4


I really really love creating photo collages as a way to get a lot of pictures on a page and tell a story.  Thank you so much for stopping by the blog! Tyra CK_VarsityTeam_Tyra


4 thoughts on “Geek Lab: Let’s Tell Our Story

  1. Great tips and very cute layout!!!


  2. cute idea to create a quick, simple layout! i love it!


  3. Nice layout Tyra!


  4. Tyra, This is so fabulous!! I love Picmonkey but it’s been a while since I used it. Now I am going to have to make some collages too.


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