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A pocket page a month



Hello friends. I am happy to announced that I haven’t given up on pocket pages yet. It’s been six months that I have been scrapping one pocket page per month of my favorite photo. This is a simpler approach for me where as most scrappers prefer to scrap a two page spread for their project life spread. I have tried doing project life spreads weekly, but it takes too much time. And  have tried creating a monthly project life spread that didn’t go well because I could never narrow down the photos that I wanted to use so that is why I select one of my favorite photos from the month and create a page around the photo. It works for me and maybe it will work for some of you who are on the fence about project life.

Here’s my favorite photo from the month of June. It was from Edward’s last day of school. He absolutely LOVED the pony ride. My sisters and I were contemplating on skipping out on the pony ride, but then Edward saw them and the rest was history. So we waited in line so that he could ride the pony.

you make me smile_project life_clique kits_pink paislee_layout

Here are a few close ups of my layout.


Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you have a fabulous day!

3 thoughts on “A pocket page a month

  1. very cute page – love that you do your fave pic from every month!


  2. What a cute page. I really need to try and add some of these into my books!!


  3. This is a great approach to project life! Great picture and memory to record!


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