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Let’s Just See What Happens


Hi, everyone. It’s Aliza here with two projects to share. Right now, I am on a road trip creating memories for future scrapbook pages. (Because that’s what it’s all about, right?) Before we left two weeks ago, things were pretty busy as I finished up work and prepared for our vacation. But I managed to squeeze in a little craftiness with what little remains if my August kit. At the time, I didn’t have any project ideas in my head, so I sat at my desk looking through my kit to see where it would take me. It’s great when you have creative ideas swimming in your head that can’t wait to get out. But there is something nice about taking it slow and seeing where it leads.

First, I pulled out on if the Clique Kits exclusive pear card. It was so pretty by itself, I thought, “could I just frame it as it is?” I could, but I felt like I should add a little something to make it my own. So, I rummages through all the fruity items in the kit, and layered them together. Then I matted it all and added a little flag.

Now, it is just right for slipping into a frame and hanging in the kitchen.
At the same time I played with that card, I also wanted to create another layout. I was a little stuck, because I felt like I did not have any stories that I was burning to tell. So I approached his layout a little differently than I normally do. I remembered that every time I see one of Nicole’s 8.5 x 11 layout, I think I should try one of those. So I found one of her layouts to scrap lift. When I began, I did not even know which photo I was going to use. I began by layering papers, and decided on the photo after the fact.

It is easier said than done, but I always think it’s important to keep in the habit of creating, even when mojo is low. Of course, having Clique Kits around, always makes it a little easier.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Just See What Happens

  1. enjoy your vacation and family memory making time!!! Cute projects!! I love how the butterflies look like they are flying off your page.


  2. cute projects, aliza! and so cool that you lifted nicole – what an honor!


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