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I was made for sunny days



Hello everyone!

Donna here to share another layout using the August kit: Ambrosia

And here is my page…

I scrapped about the first time my daughter dipped into a swimming pool! She loved it! At first she was scared but after a few minutes she loved the water and she even splashed around and played with her daddy. I was the one taking the photos, obviously. lol! 😀 Funny story about the swim suit she wore. I bought it before I learned about the theme for August. I was asking hubby if we could buy another suit for our daughter so it will match the kit. He just looked at me and shook his head. lol! I wasn’t sure if it’s a no or if he thought I was crazy. Maybe both lol!


So, about the page. I used different kinds of ink to achieve the look of my big title. Side note: I was so happy that my Cameo machine FINALLY cut a file just perfect. Though it still had some hiccups, I’m all okay with the outcome lol! Seriously, that machine is either a nightmare or a heaven-sent to me lol!

Back to the title, I used chalk inks, markers and watercolors to achieve its look. Then I used a teal colored pen and wrote around the edges of each letter, to highlight it a bit coz it was like white on white even after those colors. I also used the same pen to write my journaling.


I stapled my photos to keep them in place, since it was a bit difficult to adhere with the gauze underneath. I did use adhesive at the back of the photos but I just want to make sure they won’t fall off when handled or put in an album.


I did one hack in this layout. If you’re like me, you end up using all the papers in the kit and then you’ll just realize you run out of even one whole sheet of patterned paper when it’s time to use one. So, what I did was cut 4 pcs. of 1 inch by 12 inches strip of paper and adhere all four edges onto another plain paper. The plain paper I used was a really, really, really old paper so it’s basically recycling. I do this all the time (using an old paper for backing) to make a sturdy base for my layout. Then I cut the white cardstock (after splattering inks all over) with about 1/2 inch each side and mounted it on the makeshift mat.


I hope you liked my page today!

Thanks for dropping by!


5 thoughts on “I was made for sunny days

  1. such a cute layout, donna! love all the photos!


  2. Super cute layout!!! I am glad I am not the only one who uses up those old papers as one to adhere everything to.


  3. Beautiful Layout! Thanks for sharing through your layouts your beautiful little girl! She is growing fast!


  4. Oh my goodness. This is such an awesome layout. Great design. Love the big alphas.


  5. So cute and love how you went big with the title!


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