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Yearbook: Chill



Is it just me, or are these days really, really hot? Here in Singapore, we have Summer throughout the year, but it is this time of the year that the mercury in our thermometers soar sky high. It is times like these that we try all ways and means to keep cool. And the best by far – eat some watermelon!

Chill FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits @pinkpaislee, #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

Every time this little man of mine spies me slicing up this yummy huge green fruit, he gets all excited and without fail, would be begging for some. I think he is real clever in knowing what keeps him comfy. Because of all the stuff we have been doing in an attempt to keep this crazy indoor temperature of 32 degree Celsius at bay, I thought that for the journaling of this page, it will be cool to write it as a recipe, of all that we have tried to manage the temperature.

Chill 2 FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits @pinkpaislee, #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

I like how in so doing, while the journaling may be brief, it packs a punch in reflecting how desperate we have been to be comfortable. I snuck in the lovely fan die cut, light bulb paper clip and that prinatable that reads “moments like this” from my December kit and I think they work perfectly here.

Chill 1 FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits @pinkpaislee, #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

In order to reinforce my journaling and theme on this page, I decided to create a huge slice of watermelon, using folded cardstock for the red watermelon flesh, with grey sequins mimicking the pips. The patterned papers from Pink Paislee worked beautifully to be the peel and rind here. I tried to create the effect of taking a bite into the melon by adhering a scallop punched circle to the side of this paper melon and adding some drops of juice to it.

Chill 3 FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits @pinkpaislee, #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

I also love the pineapple gold foil vellum and used that not just in the background, but also to create a pinwheel to add interest to the page. Top that with that gorgeous gold alpha stickers and I think it’s the perfect touch for this page. Sprinkle on that really cute resin orange and some die cuts, and I’m done!

So what’s your recipe to keep the heat at bay this Summer? Do share!


8 thoughts on “Yearbook: Chill

  1. Fabulous Layout! I love everything about it! Recipe journaling was so clever!! That watermelon is PERFECT 🙂


  2. What a super cute layout. I love how you made the watermelon!! Everytime I look at this I see another detail. such an awesome layout!!!


  3. Awesome design. LOVE that watermelon!!


  4. wow! Totally creative, original and love all the details!


  5. ohmygosh – this layout is ADORABLE!!


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  7. Love your journaling, that is so cool! Such an adorable layout!


  8. Your paper watermelon is perfect, and the whole layout looks great! I hope you get a break from the heat soon!


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