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Study Hall: Eden – Hello Paradise



Don’t you love a good Summer holiday? I do! Hello, Sophie here and thanks for joining me today. One of our favorite trips was one we took to the coast in Australia, to a place called “Eden”. The view was spectacular and there were hardly any one else around! We had loads of fun and one of my favorite photos was that of the hubs walking with our little girl to the gorgeous beach, flanked by these amazing rock formations on both sides. I knew I had to do something special on a page for this photo and here’s the end result:

Hello Paradise FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits @pinkpaislee @colorcastdesigns, #colorcastdesigns #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

Here, I created a sunburst effect around the photo. I used the gorgeous ombre pink patterned paper for this design and I loved how the gradients of the color helped to strengthen the design for my page. I cut triangles from the patterned paper and layered these with more triangles cut from the lighter blue paper. These would mimic the sun ray effect I was after. Once I was happy with the layout of the triangles, I adhered these to my kraft polka dot background, before placing my photo right in the middle of these sun rays. For added interest, I also used pens to draw stitches around each ray.

Hello Paradise 3 FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits @pinkpaislee @colorcastdesigns, #colorcastdesigns #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

The page came together when I added a cluster of embellishments on the bottom corner of the layout. I love all the beautiful embellishments that came in the August kit and had so much fun selecting which of the items to use for this particular cluster group.

Hello Paradise 4 FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits @pinkpaislee @colorcastdesigns, #colorcastdesigns #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

To tie all parts of the page together, I hand cut some clouds, stamped on them randomly using a word stamp and adhered these to the page. I used my glitter glue and sprinkled on some bright pink and yellow dots on the page and decided that I was happy with the overall result. I love that acrylic “paradise” piece and think it truly adds so much charm to the page.

Hello Paradise 2 FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits @pinkpaislee @colorcastdesigns, #colorcastdesigns  #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

Hello Paradise 1 FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits@pinkpaislee @colorcastdesigns, #colorcastdesigns #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

I am so glad to have all these lovely items to use for my page. Perhaps you would like to scrap a favorite Summer vacation picture as well?


6 thoughts on “Study Hall: Eden – Hello Paradise

  1. This is such a beautiful layout and very inspiring layout

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  2. What a beautiful page!! I love the acrylics and the way you did the rays.

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  3. This is gorgeous. Love how you did the background!

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  4. Those sun rays are amazing! And the photo!

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  5. i adore this layout! the sunbeams are so pretty and such a great idea!

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  6. ‘Love layout, Sophie!!

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