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Geek Lab: Fun under the sun!



cassandra_ Aug kit

Hi everyone! A great day to all of you! The August kit is just so full of summer love that I can’t help scrapping a photo of a day out with my friends. I made a spinning photo wheel just simply by attaching a brad to the centre of the photo and it does creates more interest to my project. The clouds and sun were created using my Silhouette Cameo! IKR, how can summer not have sun and clouds?:P Here’s some simple tips on how to create your very own clouds with Silhouette Cameo!

1. Open up the cameo software and start with an empty page.


2. Draw circles around as shown with the eclipse tool.

3. Then select all of the circles.34. Then select the weld tool. Ta-da a cloud like pattern is formed. 45. To have a flat base like in my layout, use the rectangular tool and make sure the rectangular covers the bottom of the cloud completely.56. Then select object, modify and subtract.67. Here’s how it looks like! Of course to get a nice clouds you need to attempt a few more times till you like it!78. Lastly, I cut it on a white smooth card stock and watercolored it. All the products were from the August Kit:

486063_origHope you have already gotten yours and till my next update, take care and God Bless!:D

7 thoughts on “Geek Lab: Fun under the sun!

  1. This is adorable. I love the circle photo!!


  2. Love the tutorial. So many lovely white layers!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great layout, love how you made the ray of sunshine!


  4. Lovely and fun layout! Thanks for the tutorial!


  5. Great layout and great tip!


  6. Love how happy this is Cassandra!


  7. this is such a cool tutorial!


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