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Locker Room: Hello There Sunshine




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Salutations everyone! Sophie here and I am so happy to be sharing with you my first page using the wonderful, wonderful August kit, “Ambrosia”. I love the images and colors in this kit very much and had so much fun matching my pictures to all the wonderful yummy colors found in my kit.

Hello There Sunshine FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits @pinkpaislee, #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

To create this page, I first decided that I would go with a grey and pink color scheme to match my pictures. I love the patterns of those polka dots, but could not get past that ledger paper design as well. So, to get the best of both worlds, I decided to flip a strip of the ledger paper right down the middle of my layout. I also took a similar approach by adding some of those gorgeous grey floral prints down both sides of the page.

Hello There Sunshine 1 FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits @pinkpaislee, #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

Once the background was in place, I placed my photos and the “Hello There” journal card in the middle of the page. Because I wanted to draw further attention to the title, I decided that the transparent tag would be a wonderfull addition to the page. I cut this is half in order to have it long enough to peek out at the top and bottom of my title. I added a handmade tassel and that totally cute flamingo flair for added interest.

Hello There Sunshine 4 FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits @pinkpaislee, #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

I kept the embellishments on this page simple. I used the stickers from Pink Paislee and those cute wooden buttons to create a banner for the top of the page, attached some butterflies and flower images and adhered some heart stickers onto the gold edged tag and decided that those were ample for this page.

Hello There Sunshine 2 FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits @pinkpaislee, #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

Finally, for my journaling, I thought it would be fun to write it along the edges of my decorative patterned paper at the bottom of the page. In so doing, this arrow shaped patterned paper continue to help draw one’s eyes to the photos, while allowing me a space to write my thoughts as well. Toss on a flamingo and a bloom and I was done!

Hello There Sunshine 5 FN, @colortypes sophie @clique kits @pinkpaislee, #cliquekits #inspiration #scrapbooking # pinkpaislee #papercraft

Thanks for joining me today. I hope you have fun creating a page that shows off the gorgeous prints of both sides of the same patterned paper.


6 thoughts on “Locker Room: Hello There Sunshine

  1. Love that tassel!


  2. such a cute layout – i love how you mixed the patterns and i always love your handmade tassles 🙂


  3. Super cute layout!!! I love the tassel and the cute embellishments you used!!


  4. So pretty!!! Squeeing out loud over here!! Love that tassel!!


  5. super pretty page! love everything!


  6. I absolutely love the design of this layout!


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