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Hi everyone! Sandy here to share with you a layout I made with the I AM Gold kit and the theme for my layout is “connected.” I AM CONNECTED….everyday through social media I post snapshots of everyday moments, celebrations, vacations and even a selfie. It is because of social media I stay connected to my family and friends and I have developed new friendships.


The I AM GOLD kit was made so that we can document more about ourselves and know that if I look through my social media feed like Instagram and Facebook. I can find pictures of me that I can use for the I AM GOLD kit. I want my kids to know the connection I have with my family and with my friends because it is through all of the people and experiences that has made me…ME! I want my kids to be able to look through my I AM album and know that who I am because of all the influences I have in my life. I AM Connected.


8 thoughts on “I AM GOLD KIT

  1. I really love the layout Sandra made. I really like the embellie clusters inside the frames.


  2. Love your title and layout. Nice job!


  3. I love that title! And I am so grateful to have connected with you through our love of scrapbooking and social media!


  4. Love your layout! Awesome video!!


  5. beautiful layout! it’s always so much fun to see your process!


  6. What a fun LO! You are gold 🙂


  7. Great idea for this kit! i love your layout!


  8. Wonderful title! Love your ideas too!


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