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My Little Kitchen Scrap Space


Good Morning!! Sarah here to share my little scrap space with you! When we first bought our house, I had a nice big basement scraproom that I shared with the kids as their play room. But when we first bought our house, we only actually had 2 kids (and one on the way). When I got pregnant with Linden, we knew we had to change things around because we only had 3 bedrooms in our house plus the rec room. So, we tore apart the rec room and renovated it and made it into our giant bedroom, then we moved the two middle boys into our old bedroom, moved Ethan into Caleb and Kieran’s old room, and then set up the nursery in Ethan’s old room. I swear it would have been easier to move into a whole new house than it was to do what we did! Did I mention we had to put a new roof on our house around the same time too?! You know you’re busy when you can’t wait to have your fourth baby so you can relax! LOL Anyway, the point of the story is that when we had Linden, I lost my scrap space, and I had to think really hard as to where I was going to put all of my stuff! Our house is very small, so there wasn’t a lot of options, but we do have this odd kitchen that’s quite long with all of our appliances (except the dishwasher) on the one side, and the other side didn’t really have anything…enter, my new scrap space!!

Once we knew where my space was going to be, I had to do some MAJOR downsizing in my supplies, and find something to hold the majority of my stuff. I found this awesome china cabinet thingy on a buy and sell site on Facebook for 100 bucks and I knew it would be perfect!! It holds a lot of my supplies, but also has these great drawers that hide some of the not so pretty stuff. When I first set out to have my space here I swore I would keep it neat and tidy because it’s in the kitchen where everyone can see it…well, I’m just not the neat and tidy type…and I struggle ALL THE TIME with it, but every now and then it’s all cleaned up and now is one of those times…I promise I’m going to try really hard to keep it that way! I even scrapbooked last night and cleaned up after myself!! That pretty much never happens! lol


This is my desk where I do most of my scrapping. I say most because I don’t have room for my Cameo, which is in the living room on the computer desk, so some of it gets done in there….also, my sewing machine is in another spot in the house, so, ya know…lol (there’s also a little sneak of the project I was working on last night for an upcoming Clique Kits blog post!)

I keep some of my stamps in the wicker baskets and my wooden stamps are on the ledge behind them. Those cute little colourful tins in the opening have all my mixed media goodies like gelatos, paint brushes and some acrylic paints. I also have my roller stamps in there.


The cropper hopper container is where I have all my cardstock…it’s super organized if you can’t already tell! lol The shelf beside it has most of my inks and paints. All the stuff I need to get good and messy! Oh, and my pretty Big Shot! I just love the designs on it, and I’m all about pretty things 😉 The twirly white holder has my scissors, adhesive, stamp blocks and various random things stuffed into it. I find the slots to be quite deep in it, so things get lost in it if they’re not tall, but it does the trick for the most part 😉


I knew when I was downsizing my space that I needed something to hold a lot of embellishments in a small area, so I splurged and bought a Clip it Up. It has been a life saver! I LOVE how many embellishments I can fit onto it and all I have to do is spin it around to find what I’m looking for!


My cabinet shelves hold my acrylic paints, punches, embossing powders, alcohol inks, some stamps, all of my Epiphany Crafts goodies, my Project life cards (that I bought when I swore I was going to start doing PL….I still have yet to manage that kind of organization! lol), and a big old jar full of die cuts and ephemera…I don’t think it’s necessarily the best way to store them, but I really couldn’t think of any other way! lol


I got this fun cubby thing that fits perfectly on the bottom shelf of my China Cabinet from a friend of mine and it holds all my washi tape (I know, I have a problem…lol I LOVE washi!!)


It also holds all of my mist…now, I don’t love this way of storing my mist because it’s a really deep container, so that means that I often don’t use all of the mist that I have because it’s a pain to get to it…so if you have any other amazing ideas for storage for these, I would love to hear them! They just have to be out of the way of the kids, because my 2 year old would LOVE to mess up my house with these if he got the chance!! lolscraproom3

I also put my 6×6 paper pads and Close to My Heart stamps in here too. It’s like they were designed just for that! I love these two shelves above the drawers because they’re perfect for keeping my Clique Kits kits organized! I usually keep the kit that I’m working with in one of those shelves, and there’s usually a past kit kickin around in the other one 😉scraproom2

Behind my desk is another little shelf to hold more stamps (I think I have a slight addiction….and I really need to use them more often!! lol) I also have my stencils and wood veneer on that shelf and my collection of dies. I love the boxes I bought from Walmart that hold my paper and past kits! They’re so pretty! My alphabets are kept beside that shelf on another shelf that I share with my fruit basket and paper towel holder! lol They’re in a cute little box right now, but I accidentally bought a TON of new alphabets just recently, so when they get here I don’t know what I’m going to do! lol


at one point in time these were organized into paper colour…but organization just does NOT come naturally to me, so they have since been kind of thrown in haphazardly!  scraproom10

Here’s a close up of the cubbies in this shelf, and all the pretty things! Stamps, and dies, and veneers oh my! lol


and here’s another look at my shelf…note: those bottles of alcohol on top of it…I bought those to make Belinis for my 30th birthday…I’ll be 34 in January, and we still haven’t made them!! Isn’t that sad?! We forgot to, and there they sit! I’m going to make an effort to actually make them this summer because they’re just so yummy!! Who wants to come over for some slushy scrapbooking?! lol


Well there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour of my scraproom!! Please feel free to give me any tips on where else I could store my mists and alphas!!



12 thoughts on “My Little Kitchen Scrap Space

  1. Love how you made your space work for you! I think you have a bigger space than me and I have a room… (the smallest in the house). 🙂


  2. Wow, you have done a lot with a small space. I have my alphas in wide plastic drawers by color. That was I can flip through them when I need them.


  3. love what you’ve done with your scrap space! looks awesome!


  4. love everything! good thing for you you have those little drawers. i love the clip it up, i need something like that. thanks for sharing!


  5. Wow!!)) Here things more than in the shop))


  6. Great space Sarah! Thanks for sharing where you create!!


  7. You used the space in a clever way, and you can get to scrap while cooking 🙂


  8. What a great space!! I’m glad you found a creative way to place it. Oh…and I thought I had a washi problem…but you got me there. Ha!!


  9. Thanks for sharing your space Sarah! I love seeing how others work.


  10. Great craft space, Sarah!!


  11. Your space looks wonderful Sarah!


  12. Unbelievable how much stuff you were able to organize in that small space. Thanks for sharing your storage tips.


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