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I AM sharing my story


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Hello everyone, it’s Danielle here with you today. This week it’s my turn for Clique into Summer with the I AM Gold kit. My version of I AM is I AM a traveler, as traveling is my biggest passion in life and I travel as much as my schedule allows me to. If you bought the kit, you will have access to my I AM a traveler class, starting today.  You can find it under ‘the clique’ tab on the Clique Kits website. In my class I teach you how to easily document on the go and I’ll take you through my process to prepare.

For the project I’m sharing here on the blog today, I documented the documenting…ok, that might need some explanation 🙂 I’m lucky to have a travel buddy who gets my scrapbooking hobby, who understands why I do it and why this is important to me. So you will never hear him complaining when I take picture # 263 of the same object while we’re traveling. He also takes pictures himself and sometimes I use his pictures in my albums, to document his point of view or how he is looking at things. When I got his pictures, I started to notice that he secretly takes pictures of me while I’m taking pictures. Those are not always the most flattering ones of me, but I actually really like these pics. It shows more than anything how I’m preserving memories and I noticed that over the years he took a whole bunch of them. So I decided these pics needed an album of their own.

I made this mini album that I binded with the WRMK Cinch on both the left and right side, so the pages open alternately to the left and right. On this first page you might wonder where I am…you can find me in the middle on the bridge.













Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


8 thoughts on “I AM sharing my story

  1. I always love all of your awesome travel photos. I love the idea of making a little book. I can’t wait to have time to sit down with all the lessons!!!


  2. Danielle, your travel book is lovely! The pictures of you taking pictures are gorgeous too 😉


  3. cute mini! that’s awesome that your partner takes so many great pics of you!


  4. Lovely mini. Makes me want to travel!


  5. Such an awesome mini! Love those pics of you and I love that you have it bound on both sides.


  6. Ha! I love this. My husband takes pictures of me taking pictures too! I kind of love those pictures.


  7. Love the photos and what a great idea to have these pics together.


  8. Beautiful travel mini-album! Love this!


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