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I AM GOLD KIT – Minialbum in a Jar


Hello everyone! Caroli here and today I want to show you a little minialbum I made using fabulous I AM GOLD kit.

As you may know, this is a limited kit created with the objective of getting ourselves in front of the camera and into our scrapbooks. In my class I will teach you how to make a cute little minialbum from scratch, using paper and plastic covers, and I will challenge you to tell the world how gorgeous and special you are!   So are you ready?  🙂

Let’s warm up by taking a look at this project I also made using my I AM GOLD kit. One thing I loved about this kit and collection is that it tells in many way the good things about ourselves, so many pretty quotes to be used on our projects!

I decided to make this minialbum in a jar using some pics left from my main project, because yes, this project forced me to have my picture take thousand of times, and the best thing is that I liked the result. One more reason to love this kit ❤

I used a tiny jar and my Bind It All to put the minialbum together. A tag and a pair of tassels decorate the jar beautifully.



cliquekits_iamgoldkit_simplestories_carolischulz3 cliquekits_iamgoldkit_simplestories_carolischulz4 cliquekits_iamgoldkit_simplestories_carolischulz5

cliquekits_iamgoldkit_simplestories_carolischulz6 cliquekits_iamgoldkit_simplestories_carolischulz7

cliquekits_iamgoldkit_simplestories_carolischulz8 cliquekits_iamgoldkit_simplestories_carolischulz9

I hope you liked this minialbum, I love the idea of keeping it inside the jar, it looks so cute! This can be a good idea to give as present too, or use it as decorative item for your house.

If you upload your own projects to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest please use the hashtags #Iamgold #CliqueintoSummer15  and don`t forget to tag us too, so that we can search for them and recognize them!


12 thoughts on “I AM GOLD KIT – Minialbum in a Jar

  1. I absolutely love this idea!! How fun and unique!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  2. Carolina this mini is adorable!! I would have never thought to hold it in a jar, but I’m totally loving it!


  3. such a cute project, caroli!


  4. What a clever idea, so cute!!!!


  5. I really love the idea of scrapping a mini in a jar!! I might have to give this a try with a different spin on it!


  6. This is awesome Caroli! I love your mini.


  7. Keeping in that jar is ADORABLE! Love the tag on the jar as well!!


  8. Carolina, this is so darling. It looks so cute….it’s such a clever idea, Too!!


  9. What a fun idea – to keep the album in a jar. Keeps it clean and neat and is a good way to display it.
    thanks for the idea. The album is cute too.


  10. This is a really cute idea! It would make a great gift!


  11. Ha!I love the idea of an album in a jar. First, I love jars, and also this is such a cute album. I loved your video too, by the way!


  12. Love the album in a jar idea!


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