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Red Sand Fun



Hi all! Donna here today with my first layout using June Kit: Dream Quest

When I first saw the kit, I immediately thought of the desert adventures me and my girl friends had. It was the time when we’re all addicted to posting “selfies” and also when I introduced “Instagram” to them. When I met these fun and gorgeous girls, we totally clicked. Taking selfies is one of our favorite bonding! And before meeting them, I rarely take photos of myself. They taught me self-confidence.


If you’re like me, you’ll have tons of apps installed in your phone specifically for taking “selfies” or just any awesome filtered photo. For these photos though, I think we used the default filters found in Instagram. We mastered the art of not showing our arms too!  Monopods are not yet discovered at this time… ha!


So, about my page 😀 I started by sponging some gesso on the white cardstock, basically all over where I planned using paint and watercolor. I sprayed some water first on the surface before misting with color. It helped to spread the color mist and watercolor later on.


My current love at the moment is incorporating threads or tattered gauze (or cheese cloth if you have one). I use them for texture. I love messy stuff lol!


This should be Red Sand actually. I only noticed when hubby pointed it out! sheessshh lol!

I love the gold in this kit, anything with gold is awesome!.DonnaEspiritu-CratePaperJourney-layout02c

Hope you had fun reading through, until next time!


10 thoughts on “Red Sand Fun

  1. This kit looks amazing. I love all the layers and photos you used on this….so cute!!


  2. Donna this is beautiful! I love your mixed media style!


  3. I seriously love that yellow paint on there. Fabulous layout.


  4. such an amazing layout, donna!!


  5. Those layers are lucious! TFS!! Great job incorporating that string!


  6. thanks ladies!


  7. Great layout! I love, love all of the layers and depth. Nice job.


  8. LOVE this layout! The pics and the layering with the mixed media is just fabulous!


  9. I love your selfies, and the bright yellow background!


  10. Love it! Very fun and that background is so appropriate for your title.


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