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Planning with the Agenda 2.0 Kit








11180236_374416282743213_885362550_nHello lovelies! My name is Florence and I am guest designing this month. In the planner world I’m known as livelifeandcreate which is my user name on Instagram. I love paper crafting as well as creating pages in my Midori and planner decor. Some of you may question- why not just use your phone as a planner, why should you go out and buy one? Well we all work different ways and although technology does pretty much run many events, there’s just something about pen to paper that makes the human brain retain the information more. And why not spruce it up with some cute washi tape, stickers, page flags, or even a journal card or two.

I love applying ephemera pieces and various paper crafting paper and products to the way I decorate. I like to say I’m a scrappy hot mess and I like to go with the flow. My lists tend to be quite long on my busy days, and with decorating these pages it makes your to do lists enjoyable. At least for me they do.
A great thing about the Agenda 2.0 kit is that there’s so much variety that can last you a long while. This time I would like to share with you how I would use journaling cards/ scrapbook paper to embellish at the same time using washi and stickers. I will be utilizing the Websters Pages paper that comes in the kit. I am also using my light teal Color Crush Planner (if you were wondering what kind of planner this is).
I know sometimes it can get overwhelming with where to place what, but for me I normally just go with the flow. Sometimes it takes just writing something down, or placing one thing to get you started. I personally embellish my page first then write my items in. And place any additional embellishments if needed.
I hope you got some inspiration on how to kick-start your month of May!  Keep a look out for a YouTube video that I’ll be releasing within the next week or so.  Head on over to the Clique Kits shop and pick up your Agenda 2.0 kit today! Happy Wednesday all!



Florence Antonette

Click. Connect.Create.




Author: Florence Antonette

Late twenties California Gal who loves adventures, creating, memory keeping, family & friends, being a foodie, and everything in between. Please join me while I share with you the bits and pieces of my life- but remember, for you to live your life, creating magic along the way is the best thing.

8 thoughts on “Planning with the Agenda 2.0 Kit

  1. Very cute agenda pages, I love that pretty kit!!!


  2. This is so cute! I love the planners but I can’t get into them myself. 😦


  3. Florence, I totally love how creative your page is! I am inspired to actually use mine now! 🙂


  4. Very creative pages! Love how you use your planner!


  5. awesome pages!!


  6. You are so inspiring! Thanks for the tips and sharing your awesome pages!


  7. Very lovely decorated pages! 🙂


  8. whoa love your cute planner!:D


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