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Yearbook: Journaling in the Title



Salutations everyone! Being a stay at home mummy, I often marvel at how much energy little kids have and their amazing imagination to make the ordinary fun. My two little darlings often get into all types on antics together – including making it tough for this mummy to get a good shot of both of them together. So I celebrate when I actually succeed in taking a picture that I like and scrap it! Here’s “Fun, Fun, Fun”.

Fun Fun Fun, @colortypes sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking#DIY #ckhappyeverything

I thought it would be interesting to journal in the white spaces of the letter ‘F’, ‘U’ and ‘N’ on this page. By so doing, I could continue to embellish the rest of the page as much as I would like, without there being too much text. Also, all the writing in the title itself added texture to the letter.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have time to doing something fun today!


10 thoughts on “Yearbook: Journaling in the Title

  1. Love the BIG letters and how you used those 2 ways. Awesome layout!!


  2. I absolutely LOVE how you journalled on here! It’s sooo awesome!


  3. Great layout! Love, love, love how you made that big “fun” title!


  4. so cute! love the journaling idea!


  5. Great idea for the journaling!


  6. This is such a great layout and what a cute idea with the journaling!


  7. So it’s super fun how you journaled inside the word “fun!” And it looks like yo captured the perfect picture of your littles! both looking at the camera AND smiling! how cute!


  8. What a clever idea!


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  10. super FUN layout, sophie!


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