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Three Easy Cards in under 10 Minutes!


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Hey everyone, it’s Kathleen again. Today I’m sharing my last blog post for the Clique Kits April kit “Happy Everything” with you. Since I’ve already shown you four different layouts in the past few weeks that I’ve made with the kit (here and here), I decided that this time I would make some cards.

I’m usually not much of a card maker and have only recently started to make more cards. I always admired all the pretty elaborate cards of so many scrapbookers out there. You know, cards with so many details that you could look at them again and again and still find something new. Everytime I tried my hand at making one of those, I failed desperately and gave up. I only ever made cards anymore when there really was a special event (like the birthday of a family member or close friend) but not so much just for fun.

Well, a while ago I discovered that I actually DO enjoy making cards – only a different kind of cards: simple but still pretty ones.

Cards don’t always have to be super-elaborate and full of stamping, embellishments and so on to be pretty. And to be honest, a simple card that was handmade with love is still better than any store-bought one, right?

With the gorgeous gold foiled watercolour cards from the kit it was so easy to make these cards and all three together didn’t take me longer than 10 minutes total!


I think this card is really versatile and could be used for many different things. Maybe an invitation for a coffee date? Or a nice day-trip somewhere? Or just to go get an icecream together? No matter what it is, if you ask someone out with a card like this he/she sure can’t say “no” πŸ˜‰

Happiness & Happy Days

These two cards could also be used for various occassions. The one on the righ maybe for a birthday, an anniversary or a passed exam since it says “Hooray” at the top? The one on the left could be a card that you send out to a friend just because. For no special reason, just to let them know that you think of them – it’s always nice to get messages like this, right? πŸ™‚

For all three cards I used a 3,5″x10″ strip of paper and folded it in the middle. Then I cut out a piece of patterned paper that was slightly smaller than 3,5″x5″ as the background for the gold foiled card. I adhered all the cards with foam squares to give the card some dimension. Then I just added some embellishments from the die cut package or some of the heart stickers and the cards were done πŸ™‚

The only thing that I used on these cards that was not in the kit (except the white cardstock) was the gold acrylic spray paint. This is from my stash and I use it on almost any of my projects πŸ˜€ (if you look back on the layouts I show you, you will see that it’s true πŸ˜‰ )

I hope I inspired you to make some quick and easy cards with your Clique Kits April kit! It was an absolute pleasure working with this kit as a guest designer on the CK team!! Thanks so much for inviting me! πŸ™‚

Author: Kathleen | scatteredconfetti

I'm a 20-something year-old papercrafts enthusiast, coffee addict and Barcelona lover from Germany. I love to travel with my fiancΓ©; our favourite destination is Barcelona. Other than that I like to scrap about the everyday details and the little things that make life wonderful!

17 thoughts on “Three Easy Cards in under 10 Minutes!

  1. wonderful cards, kathleen!

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  2. Love how quick and fun these cards are Kathleen!

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  3. Kathleen this cards are fabulous!! Love how fun and fresh they are! Thanks so much for joining us this month! Your projects have all been so inspiring!

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  4. Awesome cards! Love these! — lacey

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  5. Hey Kathleen! I love how these came together in just 10 minutes!! I think you have inspired a whole new crop of paper crafters to start making cards! so lovely!!

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  6. Such adorable cards!! (I too struggle with making cards but yours are beautiful!)

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  7. These are great Kathleen! I also like cards, but only make them when I need them. And I tend towards similar designs each time. Whenever I am done, I think, “I should do this more often.”

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  8. Love these cards! Of course the color scheme is super awesome. My favorite is the “FUN” one. It could be used as an invitation or just a greeting card. You make beautiful designs, I love them.
    >> Sam from

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  9. Oh wow, these are all fabulous! You have inspired me to want to make a few cards!

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  10. These cards are amazing! I’m so with Nicole! I totally feel like making some cards now!! Love how you put them together!

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