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Scraproom Tour with Caroli


Hello there! It’s Caroli and today I want to share my scrappy place and some ideas that have worked well for me in order to organize it.

I must start saying that I don’t have such a huge room for myself, but I share a spare room of my house with my little girl. Half of the room is mine and the other half is hers. We have our desks aligned together so she can make her homework and I can scrap at the same time. Sometimes on the weekends we get to scrap together too 🙂

I’ll show you my side of the room, this is how it looks from the door

Believe it or not, it looks as clean and tidy all the time. I need to have a clean table and organized environment in order to keep my creative juices flowing. My system is simple: I take out a tool, I use it, I put it back where it belongs, thus, the mess wont start growing.

This room had a makeover recently, it was painted and i organized furniture in a more convenient way, so I still I’m decorating and working things out,  but at least it is clean and all my stuff is there to work with.

My work table is next to the window, so I can enjoy natural light on weekends, that is when I mostly work on my scrapbooks.

Over my desk I have all thing I use more frequently; on these buckets I keep pens, brushes. scissors, and small tools.

This is a Hello Kitty CD organizer I got several years ago, and now it helps me organizing some embellishments and alphas.

This organizer displays my alphas, Thickers and small embellishment packages in a convenient way. A friend got it for me in a flea market and I just love it!

On the other side of the table I have this cookie dish I love because it’s cute and also very useful. I keep some small ink edgers, and some other tiny stuff I’m using in a given moment for a specific project. Most of the time I keep here the embellishments of the Clique Kits’ kit I’m working with.

Next  to the desk I have two shelving units where I store most of my stuff papers, big tools and machines.

Small shelve was custom-made by my man some years ago, and there I store patterned paper, cardstock, and some baskets where I keep  punches, thread, twine, and many other small things.

In the big shelve I keep my BigShot, sewing machine, printer, and also my stereo and some CD with my fave music… yes, I’m old and I still  use CD, LOL! But in my favor I must say that most of the time I connect my tablet and listen to some nice playlist.

Finally, I have this cart my Mom got me last year, which I love because its colors and because it can store a lot of stuff. Each drawer has some kind of stuff, like the mix media drawer, the stamping drawer, the sequins and wood veneers drawer, etc.

The god thing about this cart is that it has wheels, so I can have it handy when i need it and return it to its place when I’m done.

And that was my place. I also store some more cardstock and random stuff in a closet in the opposite side of the room, but you don’t really want to see that mess, LOL!

As you can see, I don’t have a ton of stuff, my basic rule for scrapbooking is use as much stuff as you can until you buy new one… of course I keep on collecting things but i don’t consider myself a hoarder, but a user 🙂


Hope you like my place and get inspired to organize yours, I let you this pic of how I’m decorating my wall these days, specially with this framed layout I made using my I Am Gold kit ❤   Have a lovely hump day 🙂


9 thoughts on “Scraproom Tour with Caroli

  1. Love your little space and how organized you are. We could be great friends if we were closer. 🙂


  2. Your room looks awesome!!! thanks for the fun tour!!


  3. You have a beautiful space! One of these days I will be more organized…. that’s what I keep telling myself, lol.


  4. awesome room, caroli!! i love your pretty gallery wall, too! just beautiful!!!


  5. me encanta tu espacio, ordenadito y bello… mi sueño!!


  6. Beautiful space, I envy your ability to organize!


  7. Love how neat your space is! I need that serenity to create too! Thanks for the peek! Love it!


  8. Wow. I had to re-read that twice when you said it usually is this neat. I love that! I am pretty organized, but my scrap space gets messy. I love your little gallery wall too.


  9. Wow! Love your scrap room! I’m jealous of your neatness and organization! I can’t even scrapbook right now because my room is such a mess!! lol I need you to come over and organize! lol Love the Hello Kitty!


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