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Art Studio: Wooden Stencil Anyone?



Hello Everyone! What’s your favorite item in the amazing Happy Everything April Kit?

For me, the huge wooden heart veneer is a standout, besides all the gorgeous gold in the kit. I decided to use it as a stencil for my background and to color it thereafter.

Dreamer, @colortypes sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking#DIY #ckhappyeverything

I placed the wooden heart on a piece of white cardstock and went on to color parts of it with water color, using the wooden heart as a stencil.

Once the paint dried, some of the hearts were outlined with a grey pen before I drew a few bold brush strokes on the left side of the page and stamped some gold spots using a daubber. By this point, my lovely wooden heart veneer was a beautiful mess. So I painted it black to make it stand out on this page.

Dreamer 1, @colortypes sophie @cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking#DIY #ckhappyeverything

Throw on some patterned papers, embellishments and this totally adorable photo of my little girl and I was done! A dreamy page, I think all the elements on the page is reminiscent of a kid’s world, just like how my girl fell asleep with her googles on because she insisted that she would be going swimming in her dreams and she had to keep her eyes dry!

Thanks for joining me today and do share your arty pages too!



9 thoughts on “Art Studio: Wooden Stencil Anyone?

  1. LOVE that she needed to keep her eyes dry in her dreams. LOL! Great idea to use the wood veneer as a stencil and like it in the black. Great layout!

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  2. Super cute and colorful!!!

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  3. Wow, the colors are amazing here. Great layout! Love that background.

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  4. love this! such a cool idea for the wood veneer.

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  5. this is beautiful! I love you put the wood heart piece to great use

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  6. ThIs is amazing! I love how you used the veneer! It totally pops off the page too!

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  7. Awesome use of the wood veneer! Adorable page.

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  8. Wow so colorful! The brightness is awesome but so interesting to be contrasted with a sleepy picture!

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  9. Amazing background! I love those stripes of blue!


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