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Incorporating “White Space” in Your Layouts


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Hey there, it’s me again, Kathleen. Today I will show you two more layouts that I’ve made with the CK April Kit “Happy Everything” to explain how you can incorporate “white space” into your layouts.

“White Space” doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be white but rather that it is “unmarked”, so in terms of scrapbooking without any text, patterns, embellishments, stickers etc.

As I’ve already told you last time, I do like to use white as background for my layouts, so in my projects the white space usually really is white. I like to use this technique (if you can call it that) because as the saying goes, “sometimes less is more”. By leaving white space in your layouts, you can draw the focus to the photo or the story you want to tell with this layout, rather than all the patterns or embellishments on your page.

Cometa 1

If you have never used lots of white space before and it feels a bit intimidating or unnatural for you, you can first try it by only covering half of your layout with a patterned or coloured paper and leaving the other half empty (the ratio doesn’t necessarily have to be 1:1, you can also make it 2:1 or sth. else). In order to bring the two halves together, you can place your photo in a way that it connects them, like I did in this first layout.

Cometa 2

Cometa 3

If you already feel more comfortable with the idea of white space, you can also do it like I did in this following layout and leave even more of the page “uncovered”.

Wonderful 1

I cut only part of the patterned paper to layer it beneath my photo and added another strip of PP on the bottom of my page.

If you splash some mist onto the page and add some enamel dots, for example, the layout doesn’t feel too empty anymore. By the way, if you place the misting and the enamel dots in a diagonal line, it leads the way for the viewer. In this second layout the enamel dots and mist splodges go from the top left corner to the lower right corner and thereby lead the view across my photo and my journaling.

Wonderful 2

Wonderful 3

So, what about you: What do your layouts look like? Do you like to incorporate white space into your layouts?

I hope this post gave you some ideas so you might give it a try! πŸ™‚

Kathleen a.k.a. ScatteredConfetti

Author: Kathleen | scatteredconfetti

I'm a 20-something year-old papercrafts enthusiast, coffee addict and Barcelona lover from Germany. I love to travel with my fiancΓ©; our favourite destination is Barcelona. Other than that I like to scrap about the everyday details and the little things that make life wonderful!

15 thoughts on “Incorporating “White Space” in Your Layouts

  1. This is absolutely great! I definitely have the problem of eliminating white space to stop my pages from becoming too plain. However, I agree with what you said…even though it’s intimidating the outcome is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing, this is awesome.
    xoxo, Sam from

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  2. beautiful layouts, kathleen! i am a fan of white space, too! the look is quite classic.

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  3. These are beautiful layouts. I am going to do a white space layout this weekend!

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  4. Totally breath-taking Kathleen! Thanks for sharing these and am totally inspired!

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  5. Beautiful work!

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  6. These are gorgeous! Love your use of white space!

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  7. beautiful pages!

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