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Locker Room: Fun with stitching



Happy Friday! It’s Tyra and I’m here to share two cards I created using two different stitching techniques! This all started when I was shopping at Target the other day. For anyone familiar with Target, you almost always leave the store with a little more than you intend to.


In my case, I picked up a smaller stitching machine seen above and decided to give it a try:


The verdict? I am going to continue to use this tiny stitching machine for card making  as I really don’t want to use the larger sewing machine I recently purchased.   A steady hand and a slow stitch is key to using this handheld device! I was hoping the stitch would be a little straighter, but I think this will come with practice.

An alternative to using a sewing machine, or even the model shown above are craft steel dies:


Here is what I created:


I love that I’m able to position the craft die so that the stitch is nice and straight, but weaving the string through the individual holes (see where I missed a hole?) takes time.

Well there you have it! I hope I inspired you today! Take care and have a wonderful weekend!


7 thoughts on “Locker Room: Fun with stitching

  1. Your cards are just adorable!


  2. Love what you did on these cards!


  3. Beautiful cards!! I might have to get me one of those!


  4. cute cards, tyra!


  5. Your cards are as gorgeous as always, Tyra!!


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