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Clique Kits March Challenge & Designer in the Spotlight-Nicole Rixon


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Hello Clique Kits fans!  Erica here with you today to bring you this months challenge and a special Designer in the Spotlight post with our challenge sponsor!  But first I want to thank everyone who linked up with us for our February challenge!  I had so much fun going through all the link ups!  You all are so inspiring and we hope you will all join us again this month!  A big thanks to our February sponsor Lora Bailora.  We would like to say Congrats to our randomly chosen winner  Caroline Sanusi!  Please email me at to claim your prize.


This month our challenge is Anything Goes and our sponsor is one of my favorite stamp companies Sweet Stamp Shop!  If you are a subscriber then you will remember them from the December kit!  We included one of their stamp sets in the kit and it was a huge hit!  The randomly chosen winner will receive a $25.00 gift certificate from the Sweet Stamp Shop.  This month we also have an optional sketch for some inspiration.  11039993_10205499368750849_731330094_n


Here are a few details to go along with this months challenge!
  • You may combine our challenge with other challenges
  • You may enter our challenge up to 3 times
  • Link up your projects by March 31, 11:55 pm CST
  • You are not required to use a Clique Kit to link up
  • You are not required to use Sweet Stamp Shop products to link up but doing so does give you an extra entry
  • You are not required to use the sketch to link up
  • Create any type of project
  • Link directly to your challenge project entry post

Here is a look at what the Clique Kits Design team created for this months challenge!



Not only do we have Sweet Stamp Shop as our March challenge sponsor but we also have Nicole Rixon the face behind Sweet Stamp Shop as one of our March Designer in the Spotlight!

NICOLEQ.   Can you tell us a little bit about your creative process?

I’ve been illustrating for years now – and I’ve learned that the best illustrations were organic in their creation. The more I force something – typically – the less it’s really original and representative of my personal style. When inspiration hits – I write down a phrase – I take a picture of a cute t-shirt – or – whatever, and once I have a moment – I run with it. We’re re-designing our website and I really had to think of how to describe my style and my brand – I decided, it’s like Hello Kitty meets Kate Spade. We’re cute – but, we’re adult and classic. We’re witty and we’re immature – but, we’re also chic. Sounds like you can’t be all those things at once, right? But, I think we are – my business has a personality all it’s own, and I think if Hello Kitty and Kate Spade met – they’d be Sweet Stamp Shop.

Q.   Where and when are you most creative?

Like I mentioned, the more organic the inspiration – the better the illustrations. But, I’m a morning girl for sure – so, I’ve done some of my best work at 4am. People think I’m nuts, but – trust me – when you love what you do … I go to bed – excited to get up and work. So, often times I’m up before the sun – just because I’m so excited and passionate.

Q.   What are some of your must have supplies?

To illustrate – I need my computer and I often start with drawings that I scan in. I also love my iPad for my typography {creating alphas} … umm, I also love to look at pinterest – google – wherever! Art inspires art – so, I’m always looking at textiles and prints … even my Crate and Barrel catalog for inspiration to hit.

Q.   Who are some of your influences?

I love to quilt – and people don’t realize how modern and trendy sewing has become. Patchwork – quilting – making stuffed animals – even cloths … I LOVE that stuff. And, the people behind it inspire me. {mostly because I’m such a ‘beginner’ when it comes to sewing} Getting creative outside of paper crafting is essential to my creative process when I illustrate. So, that’s a huge influence.

I also LOVE business motivational books and people. As much as I enjoy creating and illustrating – it wouldn’t mean much if I wasn’t able to present it and market it – in a way that sold my work. So, I’m usually knee deep in several business books … some of my influences are, Jon Acuff {his books changed my life} … I also liked ‘The Best Yes’ and I’m reading ‘Make it Happen’ right now. Women building women in business – is really inspirational to me!

Q.  3 things people probably do not know about you.

  1. I’m a self taught illustrator and graphic designer {and finally at 30 with a successful business – I wear ‘College Drop Out’ as a badge of honor… chase those dreams ladies – YOU are in charge of the possibilities of your future!}
  2. I married my high school best friend – we didn’t date until I was 18 and were married at 23. I’ve been married 7 years and we’re still as immature as we were when we were 14. Oh, and he took my last name – so technically HE has a maiden name.
  3. When I was 27 I went to the doctor and without meaning to – I spotted my weight, 240+ … I went home – joined Weight Watchers – lost 100lbs and kept it off {we’re almost hitting our three year weight loss anniversary}. I’m a bit of a health nut now – and it changed my life. Weight Watcher girl for life!

Q.  Favorite

Book: Anything by Richelle Mead

Movie: Love and Basketball – Pride and Prejudice – Anything period piece BBC {seriously – I’ve seen them ALL}

Candy: I’m a chip kind of girl – but, I do love anything with peanut butter – so, Reeses – or Butterfingers…. anything like that – or Oreos YUM! Or what about ice cream – totally LOVE ice cream!

Drink: Probably some sort of diet soda {which is horrible – I try not to drink it very often} OR maybe you mean, adult beverage and my drink of choice is a Vodka Tonic

Music: Oh, this is hard. So, music was huge in my house growing up. My brother and I played instruments – he was in the symphony and we went often – so, I have a pretty good library of classical … but, my parents also let us listen to what we wanted. So, I can rap to most Tupac songs – I love everything from Enya to Drake – I’ve seen Ray LaMontagne a few times in concert… I love old school rock, seen Steve Miller band twice – Journey – Chicago …. I’m just a music NUT!

Color: Right now, Coral – Mint – Gold {anything soft and muted}

TV Show: Just one? Ok, I can’t do just one … Love dramas like Greys Anatomy {even if it’s cheesy} – I like Revenge and Elementary. We loved Sons of Anarchy – The Killing – The Fall – Arrow … I thought Parenthood was one of the best shows on TV {probably had a little to do with the music choices too} … what else… we have watched most HBO shows – actually – I like a lot – but, we don’t watch much anymore. My DVR is FULL.

Q.   Can you share what helps you break out of a creative slump?

The go to for me is to walk away and do something else creative – like cooking or sewing – or even just cleaning up my room, I end up finding stuff that I didn’t realize I had and I’m inspired.

Q.   What inspired you to start designing stamps?

I went to college for teaching – and passed the art building longingly wishing I could be a part of it. I took art classes part time at the community college while I was at university…. so, that taught me a LOT. I stumbled into selling some illustrations – and sold ONE set – and thought, wait – I can do this myself…. and almost 4 years ago Sweet was born!

Q.   We love the name of your company SWEET STAMP SHOP!  Can you share how your company name came about?

Probably like a number of business that grow – we had no idea that we would create a business like this – and if we did, we might have thought a little harder about our name. The simple answer is – my blog was ‘One Sweet Romance’ and I knew I wanted to keep Sweet – and so, here we are. It was just a continuation of a tribute to my love and best friend – my hubby.

Q.  Can you share some of your favorite new products or companies that were released at CHA 2015?

I loved some of the new punches for WeRMemory Keepers… COOL stuff. They’re really going after the ‘party decor’ people – and it’s pretty tempting! I loved the new planner stuff popping up everywhere – which excites me – because planner consumers are NEW to paper crafting. So, we’re converting a whole new audience to paper crafting – and that’s exciting!

Nicole thank you so much for being one of our March Designer in the Spotlights!  Any girl who can rock out like a rock star but still rap with the best of them is always a good time!  We loved getting to know a little bit about you and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to share!  To find more information and to visit the Sweet Stamp Shop please click the links below.

Sweet Stamp Shop Website

Sweet Stamp Shop Facebook

Sweet Stamp Shop YouTube

Sweet Stamp Shop Twitter


Thanks so much for joining us today for this extra special post!  To link up to our challenge click the link below and enjoy the rest of your day!

Click. Connect.Create.


17 thoughts on “Clique Kits March Challenge & Designer in the Spotlight-Nicole Rixon

  1. Congrats Caroline!!! Love your layout! This sketch is awesome! I’m going to play with it today! Love the DT’s layouts too! So much inspiration!!


  2. love all the different challenge takes! and congrats caroline! and such a great designer in the spotlight – nicole is so cute!


  3. Congrats Caroline! Nicole thanks so much for sharing with us here at Clique Kits!! You are such an inspiration in so many ways! This has been one of my favorite interviews!!


  4. Congrats, caroline. Nicole, thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself with us! That is inpressive…”self taught graphic artist”. Nice!


  5. Thank you sooooo much!!!! I can’t wait to play with these stamps!!! 😍


  6. Caroline, I LOVE your layout! Congrats. Nicole, it nice to get to know the creative talent behind Sweet Stamp Shop.


  7. Congratulations Caroline!! Nicole, it is so nice to get to know you better. I love sweet stamp shop and your adorable stamps!! I can’t wait to use this sketch!!!


  8. Congrats Caroline! What an awesome interview to know you better Nicole! Love your creative genius!


  9. Ok, I have been admiring this sketch for a while now. I think I now have some pictures to go with it!


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