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February Designer in the Spotlight: Elizabeth Kartchner


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Clique Kits is super excited to share that we have the one and only Elizabeth Kartchner as this months Designer in the Spotlight.  Elizabeth is the beautiful face behind the Dear Lizzy craft products and the Serendipity collection that is featured in this months Clique Kit.



Elizabeth took some time to share a little bit about her life, creative process and how she takes those dreamy photos we all love!  Sit back, relax and grab a cup of tea and say hello to Elizabeth!


Q.Tell us a little bit about your creative process.

A.My creative process has evolved and changed over the years as my life has changed but something that seems to have stood the test of time is that my process begins with a photo. It’s the first thing I decide and am inspired by. From that I will think of the overall theme of the project and mood (happy, peaceful, silly). The photo will also determine the colors used. The most dominate colors in the photos will be used the least on my page.


Q.Where and when are you most creative?

A. I am most creative in my studio with music playing, and a treat with in reach!


Q.What are some of your must have supplies?

A.Paper is my favorite staple. I know that sounds boring but I get the most giddy designing and playing with paper. My Silhouette is also a must-have because I can try new backgrounds and add titles in unique ways. Anything I can think of the Silhouette can make. Also splashes of mist or watercolor.


Q.Who are some of your influences?

A.Some of my influences are Liz Tamanaha I love how she photographs their everyday life. Also, Kelly Purkey, Suzy Plantamura and fashion + home decor patterns.


3 things people probably do not know about you.

– I cry really easily. I mean, even marching bands during the Fourth of July parade in my hometown have been known to make me cry. Last week during the Super Bowl I kept crying at all the commercials and just hoping that Collin wouldn’t look over and see me. But when he’d notice we would just bust out laughing.

-I sleep with 3 pillows and a huge body pillow. Poor Collin has the very edge of the bed. “How do you sleep with only one pillow?” I asked him. His response: “Because I have one head.” Haha

-My favorite food is Indian. I ordered take out of my favorite restaurant in Anaheim when I was there for CHA. Thai food is at a close second.


Book– Seriously I wish I had more time to read. I really enjoyed The Fault In Our Stars. (Haven’t seen the movie yet.)

Movie– Oh, that’s so hard! Maybe The Notebook (cheesy, I know!) Or Sound Of Music haha

Candy– Chocolate or Sour Watermelon chews

Drink– Peach Fresca

Music– Something Happy and makes me wanna dance.

Color– White

TV Show– Sherlock (BBC) Best show ever!


Q.Your photos are always so amazing and creative!  Can you share some tips when documenting the little things?

A.Be quick to catch those fleeting moments. Play with the light and windows of your home that’s where you can add some magic.


Q.What helps you break out of a creative slump?

A.Trying new things… Stretching your creative muscle by doing something you wouldn’t typically do.

Elizabeth thanks again for taking some time out of you day to share with us here at Clique Kits.  I think my favorite part of the Q&A is the 3 random facts.  Elizabeth has a mini album workshop coming up so make sure to head on over to her website for all the details and a fun video!  You can connect with her by clicking on the links below.  We hope you enjoyed today’s post and we thank you for stopping by today.  Enjoy the rest of your day.


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14 thoughts on “February Designer in the Spotlight: Elizabeth Kartchner

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