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Planner Pages with Tiffany


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Happy Friday everyone! I’m Tiffany and I’m happy to be a guest designer here on the blog today.  I will admit- I am a true planner addict! I love my planner(s) with my main one being a Kikki K Pink Personal Planner. However, I think the best part of my planner is decorating it and making it to fit my needs and personality.  Paper planning is on fire right now! There are so many different planners to choose from- spiral bound, ring binder and many others. Personally, I like a ring system because I can easily add extra pages, customized dividers, and other important details.
This is my weekly layout for next week featuring items from the Clique Agenda 2015 Starter Edition Kit.  I usually plan my weekly 2-page spreads a week earlier so I can start planning everything for the following week. There are different ways you can go about designing your spread from using the layouts that come with your planner, designing your own on some sort of word publishing software or a blank piece of paper as your canvas. For me, I like to customize my layouts in Microsoft Publisher and print them off on my home printer.  I get to be creative with different weekly layouts and add different fonts to make the spread unique.  This week I decided to go with an Erin Condren Life Planner look-alike layout. The days of the week are broken up into 3 categories for each day (to-do, work, and personal). This layout was very popular on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago so I thought I would use it again.
The kit is for everyone from planner novices to planner addicts- there are things for everyone to use! The WRMK Watercolor Washi Tapes really help set the mood for my layout. I like to use them to create a frame and to divide the three different categories for each day.  My layouts cater to different themes depending on holidays/events, products, inspiration around me, or my mood.  This week I wanted something colorful since it’s been a little dreary in Seattle lately.
Don’t you love the Maggie Holmes Open Book Clips?! I secured the Hello Today stamp sentiment and the Poppin Inc. To Do Note Pad (trimmed down) with two of my favorite clips from the set to give the layout some character. I added some extra sayings for the boxes and included some quotes from the printables that came with the kit. The little tags added as prompts for important details during the week that I don’t want to forget.
I hope you enjoyed my post and a look inside my weekly layout featuring the Agenda 2015 Starter Edition Kit. For more inspiration on planner layouts and to see another layout featuring the kit head to my blog and follow me on Instagram at villabeauTIFFul_creates and on YouTube HERE!
Happy Planning!

13 thoughts on “Planner Pages with Tiffany

  1. Love the bright fun colors you use in your planner!


  2. this looks awesome! I love all the fun details!


  3. I am learning so much from the planner experts like yourself! Great tips and ideas here! Thanks so much for guest designing for us!


  4. This is so cute! Great tips thanks for sharing!


  5. I enjoyed watching your process video with this kit! I usually make a planner for myself in September that I use throughout the school year, but it never occurred to me to design different layouts as the weeks happen. What a great idea!


  6. Tiffany you are so fun to watch! Love your pages and all the color!!


  7. Thanks for all your tips and loving all the colors!


  8. Live your tips! Great post!


  9. These pages are soooo inspiring! I immediately started playing with my planner when I saw how pretty yours are!


  10. Tiffany, this is such a darling planner. I love the bright color, too!!


  11. Omgosh! I totally love your bright and cheery planner girl!! You’re fun videos are awesome to watch and so inspiring. Thanks so much for being our special guest!


  12. What size Kiki do you use? I’m about to purchase one and I’m not sure which size would be the best. I don’t want anything too small!


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