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Scraproom Tour


Hello Clique Kits friends. Marcia here today to share with you my scrappy space and some tips for organization. My scrap space has evolved over the years. When my kids were smaller, I scrapped on weekend retreats and got by with a few totes and a scrapbook case. Then I slowly began to take over the dining room table. I  hated having to pack everything up and put it away though when we were expecting guests. My kids began leaving home, college bound, and I began eyeing those empty rooms. When my oldest declared she wasn’t coming home for the summer I moved into half of the room. I had plastic tables and totes, no shelves. I brought in a futon for her to sleep on when she came home to visit. I slowly replaced the plastic table and totes with a desk and an IKEA Expedit wall unit. A year ago the futon was replace with my computer.  I love having my computer closer to my scrappy supplies!  I have been back to IKEA many times since to add more organizing solutions to my space. Here are a few pics…

My newer paper stash is stored vertically by manufacturer, but I do have some older paper still stored in bins on top of my Expedit along with boxes of photos. I keep a boom box in my room as I like to listen to library audio books while I work. My cats like to lay on the top of the Expedit, so I have to leave room for them (or else they will just knock stuff down!). The wall unit stores my finished layouts, finished cards, dies,sewing thread, extra adhesive (one of these wicker bins is just for my Xyron adhesives!), Imaginisce tools, stamps, bakers twine, washi tape, flowers, alphas, random craft supplies, you get the picture. I like to keep tools and supplies I use often close by. I have tin buckets that hold colored pencils, markers, scissors, H2O pens, picks and scrapers, paint brushes. The buckets are hung on a rod  (from IKEA) so I can’t tip them over 🙂 . On my desk I have a basket organizer that holds odds and ends. This is where supplies go that I intend to use on a project or that were leftover from a previous project. Every once in a while I clear this out and put stuff away. My favorite Quick Quotes chalk ink pads fit perfectly under that bottom basket. They sit in boxes I can easily pull out to search for that perfect color. The bird cage holds some favorite washi and lace tape.

Two walls of my room are lined with shadow boxes to display some of my favorite layouts. I intend to update these every so often. Above my desk is a clip-it up that I created with another IKEA find. I also have a magnetic white board there that holds pics I want to scrap, sketches, due dates for projects, and more supplies in these cute little canisters (you got it, they are from IKEA too). On the side of my desk are rows of rods that hold my favorite punches and baskets for my most used paints and mists. A Raskog cart holds stamps, embossing folders, ribbon, chipboard, and more embellisments and sits next to my desk.

photo 2


photo 1
I have a walk in closet in here, but it is full of yarn, fabric, vinyl, and quilting supplies. Yes, I love to sew and knit as well as play with paper. My sewing cabinet sits under the window and houses my sewing machine and serger. My Big Shot and Xyron Creative Station sit on top of the cabinet. (There is also a pile of fabric there. Need to make my daughter some scrubs.) Next to that is a doggy bed for my dog.

In the corner is my computer desk, Silhouette, printer, and an organizer I use to hold my cardstock paper scraps (organized by color of course.)  When I need some cardstock for a project I look in my scraps first before pulling out a new piece of cardstock. I store more inks, embossing powder, and stamps here too.

I hope I have given you a few ideas for your scrappy space.


15 thoughts on “Scraproom Tour

  1. I really love the Shadowbox idea. I’ve been thinking of doing canvases in my craftroom, but they are pricey. Shadowboxes might be a great solution. Thanks for sharing your awesome space.


  2. So much fun to see your scrappy creative space Marcia! Love it!!!


  3. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing your space! I share the dining room space in my apt. It works eh…


  4. I love seeing other peoples scrappy spaces. I really have been wanting a roskov cart as well. I love the idea of hanging some of your favorite punches. I need to work on my scrapbook room. (I too took over one of my kids rooms when they left home!!!)


  5. wow!!! your room is awesome!!!


  6. I love looking at scrapromms being so envious as i only have a scrap space! I love the way you store your punch’s too as i have that system from ikea but in my kitchen, i couldnt do that in my bedroom though. x


  7. Marcia, thank you for sharing your creative space with us. Wow, I love all of your goodies….I love, love, love your arrangement of punches, too. Yayyy!!


  8. Fabulous fabulous!!! I love your scrap space.. wish I have a BIG WINDOW too! heehe


  9. love seeing others spaces … thanks for sharing


  10. LOVE your space! I’m totally jealous! I had to move out of my scraproom to make it into our master bedroom when our fourth son was born!


  11. Ooh, it’s so much fun to see people’s scrap spaces. My kids are 13 and 16, and sometimes I imagine how I will make their room into my craft room when they move out.


  12. Your space is beautiful and so inspiring! Thank you for sharing!!!


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