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Hello, Everyone. Merry Christmas, and welcome to the January kit, Tailor Made! It’s Aliza here, and I have been having a blast working with this kit. Before I share my layout with you, I wanted to share two of my favorite apps for photo editing; Pic Tap Go and Big Lens. Usually one app will do for photo editing, but this layout has pictures that have been edited by both.

Here are my original photos.


Neither of these are fabulously composed pictures, but they captured the moment, which served our purposes just fine. Still, I knew that to scrapbook them, I would need to do a bit of work. First I opened up the picture of me in Pic Tap Go, and I used the very first filter to lighten the photo. (I wouldn’t want anyone to miss my shining face.)

photo 3

Then I added my favorite filter, Mama’s Tap Shoes, to both photos. I think I could look at every photo ever with this filter. I’m not sure what that says about me…

Untitled-1Next, I opened up each photo in Big Lens, and used it to blur my background. I love, love, love that I can do this. I used the advanced mode, and just drew with my finger over the parts that I wanted to remain in focus.

Untitled-2I clicked “Next,” and voila:

photo 4

I printed both photos for use in this layout, which captures my special relationship with coffee mugs. I mean, my son is great and all, but…coffee mugs.

love life footer


Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all have an amazing holiday!


6 thoughts on “Photo App Faves

  1. I love pic tap go, but I’ve never used big lens before! I’ll have to give it a try! Love your layout and I totally share your love for coffee mugs!


  2. Great layout and thanks for the tips on the photo editing apps.


  3. cute layout! i love your journaling – it’s funny and cute! 🙂


  4. Such a cute layout!!!!


  5. Aliza, I loved the process you shard to create a darling layout. Thank you for sharing!!


  6. I’ll have to try those apps out Aliza! Great tips and fab layout!


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