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Study Hall: Playing with Types







I love fonts. I love how each font capture a different mood, a different energy. With word collages being real popular these days, I was inspired to create one about my boy’s love for fruits:

5 Servings, @Colortypes Sophie @ Cliquekits, #cliquekits #scrapbooking #DIY #CKenchantedmeadow


To add a personal touch to the layout, I hand cut the words “EAT” and “HEALTHY” and included my handwriting in some parts of the layout. The ledger puffy stickers from Evalicious were an absolute complement to this college, especially since it the light blue grid design on the fonts make the fonts really pop against the white background.

5 Servings Detail 1

My son was roped in to help complete this layout too. During one of our painting sessions, I got him to do a hand print for me and I like how it provides a visual representation for the no. 5 on this layout.

When creating the “everyday section”, I was delighted that the exact word came as a transparency in my kit. I also decided that those journaling cards from the Echo Park Creative Agenda cut apart paper were too cute not to be included here.

5 Servings Detail 2

After I put all the different font types together, I had fun embellishing with all the amazing ticks and reminders stickers in the kit. And yes, strange but true, the little one actually enjoys eating celery!

And there you have it – a daily health reminder about the importance of eating your fruit and veges! I hope you have fun putting together a college of font types too!


5 thoughts on “Study Hall: Playing with Types

  1. Oh wow. This layout is TOTALLY awesome! I love the little hand… Such a creative layout!


  2. So cute, love the different fonts you used!


  3. this is a super cute layout, sophie!! it makes me really want to create a collage myself!


  4. Sophie, your layout is super cute….love the collage!!


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