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Geek Lab: Working with Imperfect Cut Files


Blog Image_Geek LabGood morning, everyone!  If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  If you’re not, hopefully you can still find something to be thankful for!

So, Geek Lab posts are usually about some cool technology thing.  Guess what?  I’m terrible with that kind of stuff.  So my post today is more of a what-to-do-when-technology-fails-you-(butreallyitsyourfault) kind of post.

I fell in love with all the lightbulb elements in the kit and knew that I wanted to use those in a fun way.  I also love the awesome lightbulb cutfile that Lacey had designed for the October Kit, Masquerade Ball.  It was my plan to combine the two.  However, I am still adjusting to my Silhouette.  I can never get the settings right and my cutfiles turn out badly about 50% of the time.  For this page I had a few ripped lightbulbs, but decided to still put them to good use.  I placed them all on the page.  (Originally, my plan was to place my photos towards the top of the layout, which is why the messed up cut files are there.)

P1040890I misted:

P1040894I picked them all up after they dried:

P1040895And I had a great background to work with for my layout.  I ended up placing my photos at the bottom of the page instead of the top, so I had to come up with ways to strategically cover the messed up lighbulbs.  Here’s the final result:

2014 - 62ckA lot of lightbulby goodness!

What do you do when your original scrappy plans are foiled by your mistakes?


8 thoughts on “Geek Lab: Working with Imperfect Cut Files

  1. Kat this is amazing! Love the misted light bulbs and your title treatment is awesome too!


  2. This is a great layout! And great ideas!


  3. love the idea! fab layout!


  4. OMG they came out gorgeous! You must have read my mind too when I wrote up the Clique challenge for December.


  5. Beautiful layout. (It’s not a mistake, it’s an opportunity to embellish!!)


  6. I LOVE this layout! I usually scream and yell when my stuff doesn’t come out right. Ha.


  7. Great layout Kat. Love how you did your background!


  8. What mistake Kat? Only perfection here!


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