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Clique Into the Holidays – DIY Polaroid Album


Heyyie! Good day to all! Cassandra here and I am so excited to share my DIY Polaroid album using supplies from the Clique into the Holidays kit!CassandraChen_Cliqueintotheholidays

Here are the supplies needed (the supplies are all taken from the Clique Into the Holidays kit):CassandraChen_Cliqueintotheholidays

Here’s the step by step instructions:CassandraChen_Cliqueintotheholidays

1. Choose the pattern paper you like as the front cover and measure your cardboard to the dimension as shown.

2. Fold the pattern paper towards the cardboard as shown.

3. Glue them together. (It’s fine that it looks quite ugly at the sides because it will eventually be covered by your accordion album.

4. Fold it inwards so that it looks like a book.

5. Then with a 12×4″ cardstock, leave 3×4″ on each end and fold it into an accordion style 0.5″ thick (The image shown is just for illustration and not the actual accordion used in the album).

6. Choose a variety of 3×4″ cards and glue on one side of the accordian.

7&8. Then glue around the back as shown so that we can create a pocket and slip in the Polaroid photos later.

CassandraChen_CliqueintotheholidaysHope you find this tutorial useful to create your very own 3×4″ Polaroid album!:D

Thanks so much for dropping by! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!:D


11 thoughts on “Clique Into the Holidays – DIY Polaroid Album

  1. This is adorable! Love it! Totally pinning! 🙂


  2. I absolutely love this – and thanks for sharing the how-to!


  3. Fabulous!


  4. LOVE this cassandra!!! totally inspirational! any chance we’ll get a peek inside the album at a later date??


  5. Thanks so much!! Yes Kraftykat! But probably after Christmas! Hehe!


  6. Nice Work Cassandra! Love the accordion fold idea.


  7. Your album is gorgeous Cassandra! And I love seeing how you created it. Can’t wait to see the inside too.


  8. Sooo cute!!! Love how this turned out!


  9. This is amazing!!! Great post.


  10. SO adorable!! I love it!!


  11. Great tutorial for your little mini!! I just love Mini albums and this one is so super cute!!


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