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This One is All About Me




Hi, everyone! It’s Aliza here again, and this time I am doing that thing that scrapbookers always say that we should do, but that we often forget: I am scrapbooking about myself. Not only that, I am scrapbooking positive things about me.

It all began a few months ago, when I had a long list of things to do that were outside of my comfort zone. The anxiety that this list created was not fun to live with. At the time, I made a layout about all my fears. It felt good to just own the fear, rather than constantly trying to be brave.

Then some time passed, and I was feeling good, and I thought it was time to make another layout to continue the story. While it is true that I am not brave, I am a lot of other things, and I decided to list them:

I am not brave with footer


Here is a close up of the journaling. I purposely included some very mundane things, and then moved on to some more important qualities that I possess. I think that made it easier to talk about myself.

photo (54)


So, now it’s your turn, if you’d like. Make a layout all about you. What can you include?


7 thoughts on “This One is All About Me

  1. wow! i love your page, aliza! love the topic. it would be a great idea to re-create something like this for myself! tnx for the inspiration!

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  2. Holy COW!! Seriously this is amazing. You have inspired me to want to create a layout for myself! What a beautiful layout, gorgeous photo and FANTASTIC journaling.

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  3. Great work Aliza! Really love your journalling. Yes to positivity and self-reflection.

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  4. I absolutely love this Aliza. Great layout!


  5. I am so inspired by this page Aliza! Thanks for sharing with us- you are a wonderful person on top of an amazing artist- we are lucky to have you on the team!


  6. Awesome page, Aliza! I love how you took the time to create a layout about yourself!!


  7. love your journaling! This is a great idea! I used to take he stairs before I had a Fitbit, and I still do…it just makes it more fun now! lol 🙂 your layout is awesome!


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