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Hanukkah Kit!!!




Hi! It’s Aliza here, and I am beyond excited to share some projects that I made with the Hanukkah Kit. Well, before I even get to that, I am beyond excited that such a kit even exists. What a treat! There is but one left in the shop, so catch it while you can.

Now back to the projects that I get to show you (and I’ll even have some Geek Lab tips to share as well). The kit comes with a Teresa Collins 6×6 paper pad, which is a perfect color palate for Hannukah projects. Some of the patterns are subtle enough, that I was able to print directly onto the patterned paper. I printed (in Hebrew, but English will do just fine) the blessings that are recited over the Hannukah candles, and then dressed it up with a few dashes of paper, some washi tape, and some lovely gold stars.

Aliza Hannukah Blessings @alizad #cliquekits #CkHannukah  #ckdesignteamI popped that baby into a frame, and it is good to go:

aliza ck hannukah blessings_footer_edited-1The next project has some more Hebrew that I printed on some white card stock. It says “Rock of Ages,” which is the beginning of a long song that is traditionally sung after lighting the candles. After I printed the text, I added a simple strip of patterned paper, washi tape, a gold star, and some chipboard stars of David that are included in the kit. This is 4×6 inches, and I may put it into a frame, or perhaps I will leave it as is, just letting it sit there looking pretty.

maoz tzur_footerFinally, I made a Hannukah card. And here is where I have a geeky tip for you. In my last blog post, I talked about printing text directly onto your layouts. Here, I printed onto my card. First, I layered on some patterned papers to get the basic design of the card, and I scanned it into my computer. I opened the scanned file in Photoshop Elements, and using the text tool I typed Happy Chanukah onto my card. I played with the size of my words until they fit into the space on my card.

Screenshot 2014-11-12 21.52.45I then turned off the visibility of the background layer, and I printed just the text onto a blank piece of letter sized paper. I usually just use some scrap paper for this step.

Screenshot 2014-11-12 21.49.49


Then I placed the actual card right on top of the scrap paper, and lightly tape it down,


And, again with the background layer turned off, I run it through the printer again, and the text appears right where I need it to be. Then I can add my embellishments, to create the finished product:

chanukah card2_wih footer_edited-1

I feel like I have just scratched the surface of this amazing kit, and I can’t wait to keep going! I’d love to see what some of you are creating with this kit, so feel free to link up here, or share it with us on Facebook.


7 thoughts on “Hanukkah Kit!!!

  1. Beautiful projects Aliza!! And another fantastic printing tip!!


  2. I am so tickled to see this kit used on these gorgeous Hanukkah projects! Your framed artwork in the Hebrew language looks beautiful! And the card is beautiful too! Clique Kits values diversity and we love being a global community where everyone is welcome and included, which is why we felt it was important to offer a Hanukkah kit along side the Christmas kits! TFS!


  3. Aliza, these are fantastic… you really rocked that kit!! Nice work!!


  4. love these, aliza!!


  5. What awesome projects!


  6. Fabulous projects Aliza!!! I love how you used the kit!!


  7. Gorgeous projects! You rocked the kit!!


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