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Geek Lab: Smile



Hello! Allie here today, and I want to talk to you today about punches! I love punches because they are so useful and versatile. A while ago, I learned a technique from Paige Evans that changed the way I see square punches! By cutting a square in half, you can create two triangles, and double the use of your punch! Here is a quilt-inspired layout I created using this technique:


I found an image of a quilt on Pinterest, and replicated the pattern using the triangles I created from my 2″ square punch. In order to get the most even triangles, stack no more than three together and cut through the center from one point to the other


How cute is that flower from the chalkboard paper? I love the Lemon Owl papers so much!

Hopefully this layout encourages you to think outside the box a bit when it comes to your punches; Just think of all the different shapes and combinations you could make!


8 thoughts on “Geek Lab: Smile

  1. Beautiful layout Allie!! I love what you did with the background and all those triangles!! Great work!


  2. What a great idea, love the layout!!


  3. Allie, this is an awesome idea and so beautiful, too!!


  4. allie, this is such a cute layout (as always!)


  5. Awesome layout!


  6. LOVE!!! This layout is just gorgeous!! Love how you create a quilt like background! Amazing Allie!!


  7. Simply stunning Allie!! Love the quilted background!


  8. ALLIE!!! This is so amazing!! Your quilted background is so fabulous!!


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