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Geek Lab – Photobooth Apps


Hello! It’s Caroli here and I’m so happy to post for the first time on the Geek Lab 🙂  Today I want to tell you about some cool apps I use once in a while for editing the photos I use on my layouts or minis.

One of my fave effects is Photobooth.  I love photobooth pics, evenmore if I can make it at home or wherever I feel like it!

I use the PiciBooth in my iPhone and PhotoBooth on my tablet for creating photo strips, which look pretty cool on layout or mini albums.

The way of using these apps is very easy, you just need to follow the steps they ask and that’s all!

As you can see, I used this photobooth strip for this layout I made with October Kit. I used black and white pics because I think they make a fab contrast with all the color on the papers, but the apps also allow you to make strips with color.


Since the photo strip is long and thin I placed it in the middle of the page and tried to balance the composition by placing a grid on the left and an embellishment cluster and journaling on the right.



Hope you liked the idea and try it sometime, if you have funny hats or wigs it would be even better 🙂 Have a lovely Thursday!!


7 thoughts on “Geek Lab – Photobooth Apps

  1. Great layout!

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  2. i really love this layout – it’s so cute!!

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  3. What a great little app! Thanks for sharing. The layout is awesome too.

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  4. I NEED this app! How fun!! Love your layout!

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  5. This is adorable!! I looove the photo strip!!

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  6. I’ve wondered how others were achieving that photo booth look. Now I know -thanks! Now I can be one if the cool kids… Lol

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  7. So glad this was helpful to you, now let’s start taking photobooth pics ladies! 🙂


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