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Yearbook – Pocket Scrapbooking



Hey, everyone!  Kat here today to share some pocket scrapbooking with you.  I love “project life-style” scrapping.  I’ve been doing a weekly spread since January 2013 and I’ve been addicted from the start.  I love that you can make the creative process as simple or as complex as you like and I love that I capture more of my family’s “everyday” life.

Since I make traditional layouts and pocket-style pages, Clique Kits really is the perfect kit.  They almost always include a cut-apart paper filled with journaling cards and they always include the exclusive CK cards.  All their embellishments coordinate nicely so its easy to throw together a quick weekly spread.

Here is a weekly spread that I created with Masquerade Ball:

Week 36 by @katpoole for @cliquekits #cliquekits #pocketscrapping #masqueradeball

A few things that I always love to add to my pocket pages are journaling cards with my own special twist, like the “yummy” card and confetti.  Since this month’s kit didn’t come with sequins, I made my own confetti by punching circles out of one of the sheets of patterned paper.  I closed my pocket with the piece of washi tape that came on the embellishment packaging in the kit:

week 36 closeup 1

Here is a close-up of another “home-made” filler card – it’s always fun to layer embellishments:

week 36 closeup 2

Do you do any pocket-style scrapping with your Clique Kit?  If so, share a link.  We would love to see!


7 thoughts on “Yearbook – Pocket Scrapbooking

  1. Just love the colors of this kit, so adorable!!!

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  2. This is such a fun layout, Kat!! The colors and your design are fab!!

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  3. Love it!


  4. I always admire others’ pocket pages. I love this. I still have not mastered (or tried, really) the technique.


  5. This is awesome Kat!


  6. This is so nice! I love it!


  7. Loving how neat and fun your pages are!


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