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Yearbook: Simple Stories Journal Pages

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Happy Tuesday! It is a busy week around here at Clique Kits. Tomorrow we have the August Blog share, starting right here on the Clique Kits blog. Not only that, the 24th is the deadline for design team submission for our FIRST design team! So you see, lots of excitement!
Today I will be sharing some ideas on how to use those journal pages that are included in the Simple Stories Albums. I love using these pages in many ways, from traditional page layouts to altering them to add some more dynamic to my albums.
Here is a step by step process for the first example. In the process below I’m sharing how to create a pocket from the journal page.
Fold a small section of the pocket. Then adhere a background paper. I cut mine to 6″ long, it doesn’t touch the bottom crease of the pocket, but it will be hidden, so I didn’t mind.
Next, I cut a piece of pattern paper to go over the fold I created. I made this piece slightly larger (3″ x 6.75″) so it would give me a deeper pocket. Using an edge punch, I added more character to the pocket. I than adhered this to the pocket fold.
Below, in the first photo, you can see the backside of the pocket. The second photo I show you where I indicated where the new holes will be punched.
Below, I folded a journal page in half and added 3×3 cards as flips.
To the left, you see a 4″ x 6″ journal card. However, I glued two pockets together to create a side pocket. In the pocket I added 3″ x 4″ journal cards.

You see, something so simple can add interaction to your album, give you more space for items you want to include (more pictures, journaling, tickets, etc), or hide more private items you don’t want everyone to access.

I challenge you to create an interactive item in your next mini album using a journal card or journal page!

Thanks for joining me today. Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow and join our August Blog Share with our Clique Kit subscribers. A prize is up for grabs for one lucky commenter. And don’t forget to try-out for our FIRST Design Team. Submission information located under the About tab.

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